My Day at the ‘America for Jesus’ Rally

This is a guest post by Shaun Patrick McGonigal. He blogs about atheism, polyamory, and skepticism at *** The only way we are going to transform this nation is by transforming individuals, by bringing them to Christ. This may not be an exact quote from the America For Jesus event in Philadelphia this past [Read More…]

Gay Activist Goes Undercover At NOM Conference

Carlos Maza, a 24-year-old gay blogger and recent Wake Forest University graduate, spends much of his time chronicling the abhorrent anti-gay initiatives of the hyper-conservative National Organization for Marriage. When he applied to take part in an “Emerging Leaders” program as part of the organization’s weekend-long It Takes A Family To Raise A Village (ITAF) [Read More…]

My Night at a Faith Healing Service

This is a guest post by Michelle. Michelle was raised Lutheran, attended a Christian college, and graduated as an agnostic. She now lives in Oswego, IL. … Andrew Wommack is a Southern pastor with a worldwide ministry based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Like other televangelists, he preaches the “health and wealth” prosperity gospel. He doesn’t [Read More…]

Our Night at a Christian ‘Marriage Symposium’

This is a guest post by readers Heather and Rod. Along with their respective partners, both attended a recent “Marriage Symposium” (PDF) sponsored by the Illinois Family Institute and Patriots United — undercover, on my behalf. Their reports are below, with Heather in regular font and Rod in red font. … When I heard that [Read More…]

An Atheist Goes to a Christian Men’s Conference (Part 2)

This is a guest post by Don Cook. Don lives in Burleson, TX (birthplace of the famous “See You at the Pole” event) with his wife and two sons. He works in the IT field. You can read Zachary Moore‘s experience at a different Christian Men’s Conference here. … I knew I would be excited [Read More…]