An Atheist Goes to a Christian Men’s Conference (Part 1)

This is a guest post by Zachary Moore. Zachary is active in the Texas freethought community, serving as Coordinator of the Dallas/Fort Worth Coalition of Reason, Executive Director of the Fellowship of Freethought in Dallas, and Treasurer of Camp Quest Texas. He loves visiting churches and other houses of worship, and is not yet willing [Read More…]

I Would Make a Horrible Christian Man

Milestone Church in Keller, Texas is planning a special event soon just for men. You know how I know it’s just for men? Because I saw this banner on their website… (If I’m opposed to all three of those things, what does that make me…?) Anyway, YEAH! MEN! We kill shit! And then we offer [Read More…]

If This is What it Means to Be a Christian Man…

… then I don’t think I qualify in either category. I totes want to jump on that trampoline. What does that suggest…? Anyway, if any man living near the Grapevine, Texas area can convince me why he should attend this conference, I’ll cover the registration costs for you. You just have to promise to write [Read More…]

I Need a Couple Undercover Agents…

Needed: A man and a woman, ideally in their 30s – 50s. When: End of September. Where: Suburbs of Chicago. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you more details. Thanks! [Read more…]

What Happens at a Christian Home-Schooling Convention?

When I heard that the Illinois Christian Home Educators‘ annual convention was coming to town, I knew I wanted a first-hand account of what happens there — partly because I’m not Christian, and partly because I teach at a public school. Would it fit my stereotypes or would it defy them? When I saw that [Read More…]