How I Got Kicked Out of the AutismOne Con: Part 2

This is a guest post by Jamie Bernstein. Jamie is a graduate student in public policy at the University of Chicago as well as the Vice-President of the Women Thinking Free Foundation. She has previously written about anti-vaxers here and here. … You can (and should) read Part One of Jamie’s story at Skepchick before [Read More…]

I Need a Couple Undercover Agents…

Remember last summer when I sent a couple people to sit in on an anti-gay conference…? Well, another opportunity has come up. And I need a couple volunteers. It’s a chance to see the conservative Christian world from the inside. I’ll pay for your registration costs. I’ll even take the volunteers out to dinner In [Read More…]

I Need a Couple Undercover Reporters…

A few months ago, I sent undercover agents to the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality anti-gay-rights “Truth Academy.” Their reports are here, here, and here. That was enlightening and informative. It’s always good to know first-hand what the other side is talking about (so we’re not accused of taking them out of context). The project [Read More…]

Fox News Chicago Sends Undercover Agents to Anti-Gay Fundraiser

Remember a few months ago when I sent a couple people undercover into the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality Anti-Gay-Rights “Truth Academy”? (If not, you can read the reports here, here, and here.) Well, a couple months ago, I was contacted by my local Fox Chicago news affiliate. They were going to do a story [Read More…]

How Many Spies *Were* There at the AFTAH Anti-Gay-Rights Academy?

I sent two. Truth Wins Out sent one (who got short audio recordings). Gapers Block sent one. How many people were actually attending the conference? (Reader Matt sent me this seemingly-appropriate Onion link ) Our next job should totally be to get a speaker on the AFTAH roster… it shouldn’t be hard to do. Just [Read More…]