Interview with Mike Jones, the Man Who Exposed Ted Haggard’s Hypocrisy

Mike Jones is the former male escort and personal trainer who made international headlines late last year when news surfaced that Pastor Ted Haggard had been seeing him as a client for three years. Mike had not known who his client was — Haggard used the name “Art” when visiting Mike — so it was [Read More…]

Interview with Co-Directors of The Brights’ Net

After the 2002 “Godless Americans March On Washington,” Paul Geisert was upset. … the choice of the name “Godless” for the march [distressed Geisert]… and he [searched] feverishly for an alternative name to use in unifying such a gamut of individuals. Not long after the march, Geisert coined a new term for this group of [Read More…]

Interview with Dale McGowan Follow-up

There were a few follow-up questions after my interview with Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief. Will this book have any resources listed in the back? Like websites, organizations, etc.? Dale’s response: Oh you betcha. I spent a full year compiling a list of the best additional resources (imho) — books, videos, and websites. [Read More…]

Interview with Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief

Dale McGowan has been the author of popular works of fiction including Calling Bernadette’s Bluff. But in his new role as editor, he may be putting together his most fascinating work. Dale will soon release a collection of essays for parents who wish to raise their children without religion in a book titled Parenting Beyond [Read More…]

Interview with Brian Sapient of The Blasphemy Challenge

Brian Sapient is co-founder of the Rational Response Squad, the group responsible for The Blasphemy Challenge. Prior to his work with the RRS, he was publicist for the Infidel Guy radio show. The Blasphemy Challenge has come under fire from many religious people who see it as both offensive and (ironically enough) an improper form [Read More…]