How Should Rationalists Approach Death?

by Jesse Galef – “How Should Rationalists Approach Death?” That’s the title of the panel I’m moderating this weekend at Skepticon, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s a big topic – we won’t figure it all out in an hour, but I know we’ll get people to think. Do common beliefs about death make [Read More…]

Penn’s Secular 10 Commandments

by Jesse Galef – I know, I know, the Ten Commandments aren’t a good moral code. We reject the very notion of following rules passed down from an authority figure. But what if we didn’t take them as absolute rules? What if they were decent, secular guidelines? And what if the authority figure *cough* was [Read More…]

Will Religion Make Justice Scalia Resign?

by Jesse Galef – It’s not every day you see USA Today call out a sitting Supreme Court Justice.  Apparently Justice Antonin Scalia isn’t quite as accomplished a theologian as he is a judge. Speaking at Duquesne University about the death penalty, he said some pretty revealing things.  In a great article by Lisa Miller, [Read More…]

School Crowns Nation’s First Lesbian Homecoming Couple

by Jesse Galef – Want a heartwarming story of progress? Patrick Henry High School in San Diego just made history by crowning the nation’s first lesbian homecoming couple. The students voted Rebeca Arellano (left, below) Homecoming King last Friday, and this week they named her girlfriend Haileigh Adams Homecoming Queen. What a sign of the [Read More…]

Why this Meme Exploded

by Jesse Galef – [cross-posted on Measure of Doubt] Somehow, it went viral. In just 24 hours, the Secular Student Alliance’s Facebook page exploded from 6,500 supporters’ “likes” to 18,000. I found myself thinking, “How the hell did that happen?”  And then thinking, “Hmm… how can we do it again?” The whole thing started with [Read More…]