Being a Dick is not Binary

by Jesse Galef (crossposted at Measure of Doubt) – “Should we be offensive?” is a common question in the secular movement. It’s also the wrong question. The title of this post comes from Phil Plait’s “Don’t be a Dick” talk at TAM 8, which sparked conversation about the wisdom of offending people in the cause [Read More…]

Hemant Presented With Freethought Backbone Award

by Jesse Galef – I have an announcement about Hemant. Heads up: I’m going to gush a bit. Today marks the start of the Secular Student Alliance’s Annual Conference, which promises to be an exciting weekend full of inspiration, camaraderie, and – let’s face it – a whole lot of fun. We (full disclosure: yes, [Read More…]

Interfaith Jujitsu: When We Should Engage

by Jesse Galef – It doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist firebrand or a diplomat. Some interfaith projects are worth joining. It’s particularly relevant right now, since secular students were included by name in the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Challenge. It’s the political thing to do. It’s the humanitarian thing to do. It’s the [Read More…]

Non-Serious Catholics Are More Tolerant Than You Think

by Jesse Galef – You love data, right? Of course you do, how silly of me. Everyone loves sifting through survey data. Well, the Public Religion Research Institute released a fascinating survey last week on the political views of Catholic Americans. One finding getting attention is that Catholics are particularly likely to support marriage equality: [Read More…]

Why Asking Why Isn’t Enough

by Jesse Galef – The question “Why?” is an impressively vague word. Used without context, it can be almost useless. I got contacted by the makers of the documentary “The Nature of Existence” whose trailer starts with the filmmaker saying “We all have one thing in common: We exist. But why?” What a nebulous question. [Read More…]