Heterosexual Questionnaire Extraordinaire

by Jesse Galef – Ever thought about the silly questions that gays and lesbians get asked? What would it be like to have that turned around? Check out this fantastic job done by Ashley Paramore and Greta Christina: The questions are from a tongue-in-cheek post by Joe Kort at Psychology Today. What was your favorite [Read More…]

SSA and USAToday Win One for Brian

by Jesse Galef – What a victory! This has been an incredible week for us at the Secular Student Alliance, reaching 250 affiliates and today we got some great news. We all know that teenage atheists can have a really tough time finding a community and starting a group – the story one Oklahoma student [Read More…]

Stuck in Your Head: Communicating Badly

by Jesse Galef – If I’ve learned anything from blogging, it’s that I’m not writing for myself. Maybe other people treat their blogs as diaries, but I see blogging as a way to communicate my ideas to others. No surprise there; it’s what I do. I’m a communications director at heart, not just for a [Read More…]

Which Best Explanation?

by Jesse Galef — I rarely come across a source of interesting material as dense and extensive as Edge‘s World Question Center. I’ve been diving into their 2011 question: “WHAT SCIENTIFIC CONCEPT WOULD IMPROVE EVERYBODY’S COGNITIVE TOOLKIT?” Go take a look: One hundred sixty four intelligent people answering in quick essay format. Excuse me while [Read More…]

Humanist Tolerance is Nothing like Religious Bigotry

by Jesse Galef — I swear, I thought I was used to the knee-jerk objections to nontheistic ad campaigns. We atheists and humanists come out with some of the most innocuous statements like “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone.” and people get upset. Our mere existence as proud nontheists is offensive. I’m used [Read More…]