NASA’s $1.1 Million Grant to Study How Aliens Could Impact Religion Is Even Worse Than We Thought

In 2015, the NASA Astrobiology Program gave a $1.108 million grant to the Center for Theological Inquiry to study how the discovery of extraterrestrial life would impact Christianity. Further investigation reveals the deal is even shadier than we expected.


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A TN Bill Putting “In God We Trust” On All New License Plates Has Been Amended To Make It Optional

The change was made by the bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Bill Sanderson, after Attorney General Herbert Slatery III told legislators that mandating the phrase on license plates could be considered unconstitutional.


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The Deal to Repeal N. Carolina’s HB 2 Still Leaves the Door Wide Open for Anti-LGBT Discrimination

Late last night, North Carolina’s Democratic Governor Roy Cooper and GOP leaders in the legislature agreed in theory to a deal that would essentially rewind state law to what it was like before the disastrous, anti-LGBT HB 2 bill was enacted.

But that’s hardly good news for people hoping to end LGBT discrimination once and for all.


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The Unbelievable Story of How a Georgia State Rep. Passed a Bill to Examine a Rape Kit Backlog

This segment from last night’s Full Frontal will bring a smile to your face even though the subject matter couldn’t be more serious.


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Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Fighting For Their Religious Lives in Russia

Are the Jehovah’s Witnesses an extremist group? That’s a question the Russian Supreme Court will soon be deciding, with the fates of 2,300 congregations and 175,000 believers in the balance.


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