Lawyers: The 12-Year-Old Rape Victim Who Will Have an Abortion is a Murderer

There’s no compassion from either of these attorneys because they’re blinded by their anti-abortion views to even consider the human on the other side of the issue.


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Man Who Sued to Marry Computer Files Three Lawsuits Defending His “Orientation”

A man who once sued Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis because her office wouldn’t allow him to marry his computer is back at it.

This time, he’s suing Colorado officials for not giving him a marriage license, a Christian bakery for not making him a wedding cake, and four U.S. representatives with rainbow flags outside their offices for not having a “machinist” flag.


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Roadside Cross Maintained By Salem (OR) Officials Taken Down to Avoid Problems

An issue like this may lead to some bad publicity, but it’s better in the long run.


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Wisconsin May Block Medical Students From Learning How To Perform Abortions

The state of Wisconsin has been experiencing a serious shortage of OB/GYNs over the past several years.

A new bill, intended to make it tougher for women to obtain abortions, would make things even worse.


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Belle Plaine (MN) Leaders Shut Down “Free Speech Zone” To Avoid Satanic Monument

Last night, the Belle Plaine (MN) City Council voted to shut down a “free speech zone” in Veterans Memorial Park in order to stop Satanists from installing their monument next to a Christian one.


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