North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Governor Pat McCrory Finally Concedes Race to Democrat Roy Cooper

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, the Republican whose anti-LGBT legislation turned his state into a national symbol for bigotry, has finally conceded his re-election bid to opponent Roy Cooper. It’s a bit of good news in an otherwise disastrous election cycle.


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Podcast Ep. 138: Barbara Mancini, Advocate for Medical Aid in Dying

Our latest podcast guest is Barbara Mancini, an ER nurse from Pennsylvania. In 2013, she was arrested and prosecuted on charges of trying to help her terminally ill 93-year-old father take his own life. She is now an advocate for medical aid in dying.

We spoke with Barbara about her heartbreaking personal story, the connection between assisted suicide and abortion rights, and her correspondence with Brittany Maynard.


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Judge to Divorced Jewish Dad: You Were Wrong to Go to a Museum and Expose Your Child to Evolution

A divorced couple from west London, who are sharing custody of their children, got into a huge fight after the father exposed his kids to reality.


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Air Force Academy Football Coach Accused of Using His Title to Illegally Promote Christianity

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation says that one of the coaches of the Air Force Academy’s football team, Steed Lobotzke, is using his Twitter account to illegally proselytize.


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Satanists Say Texas Rule Requiring Funerals for Aborted Fetuses “Violates Their Religious Beliefs”

Texas will soon adopt new rules requiring abortion facilities to go through the medically unnecessary step of cremating or burying all fetal remains, but The Satanic Temple says its members will not comply with the rule because it goes against their religious belief in the “inviolability of one’s body.”


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