Where Will ‘Under God’ Case Go From Here?

Last we heard, Michael Newdow‘s long-standing attempt to remove “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance was stopped (again) by the Supreme Court. More recently, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled against him in his attempt to get “In God We Trust” off the currency, saying that “the phrase is [Read More...]

Giles County Parent Offers a New Way to Break the law

I thought the controversy over a Ten Commandments display in Giles County, Virginia public schools was finally over… The school board wanted to push Christianity into the public sphere. The Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened to sue. The board changed their mind. But local parents don’t seem to care they’re on the losing end of [Read More...]

Cranston High School West Votes to Keep Prayer Banner

***Update***: The Facebook link mentioned below has been fixed. … A couple of months ago, Cranston High School West in Rhode Island was making news because of a certain banner hanging in its auditorium: Our Heavenly Father. Grant us each day the desire to do our best. To grow mentally and morally as well as [Read More...]

Supreme Court Rejects ‘In God We Trust’ Lawsuit

For the second time, a lawsuit brought by Michael Newdow has made its way to the Supreme Court… only to be dismissed. Newdow famously tried to remove “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance in 2002, but the Supreme Court said in 2007 that he “lacking standing” to bring the case to them and dismissed [Read More...]

The Anti-Gay Parents Should Be Able to Adopt Children

In Britain, Eunice and Owen Johns are already foster parents to a handful of children and they wanted to adopt more. But local authorities said they couldn’t do it — and Britain’s high court just ruled in support of that decision. The reason? Eunice and Owen Johns, who are in their sixties and have fostered [Read More...]