FFRF Sues Over “In God We Trust” at Capitol Visitor Center

We already know the top two atheists are suing over the fiasco at the Capitol Visitor Center. Here’s the case in a nutshell: Last week, the House and the Senate passed resolutions directing the Architect of the Capitol to engrave “In God We Trust” and the Pledge of Allegiance in prominent places in the Capitol [Read More...]

NO GODS License Plate in Indiana is Approved!

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Jason from Indiana. His request for a license plate reading NO GODS was rejected by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. There’s good news to report! Jason wrote this in an email: I got a letter on Friday stating that my initially rejected personalized license plate of “NO GODS” [Read More...]

Pharmacists Must Dispense Plan B

Remember those pharmacists who refused to dispense Plan B (a “morning-after” pill) because they were religiously opposed to it? And remember how pissed off you were because who the $#&% are they to decide what’s best for women? Pharmacists in Washington state had filed a lawsuit so they wouldn’t have to do their job and [Read More...]

A Brief Summary of the Ireland Blasphemy Law

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the Irish Blasphemy Law saga, but I haven’t. And there’s a lot of info out there. This post is more for me, just to gather everything that’s been happening in one place. Background: Back in April, Article 40 of the Irish Constitution said that “The publication [Read More...]

Don’t Like Our Church? Then You Can’t See Your Kids

Imagine for a moment the following scenario: You got married several years ago and had two children with your wife. You all attend an evangelical Christian church on weekends. During your visits to the church, you begin to grow wary of what you hear. What’s with all the anti-gay rhetoric? Is the pastor really espousing [Read More...]