Man Who Sued to Marry Computer Files Three Lawsuits Defending His “Orientation”

A man who once sued Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis because her office wouldn’t allow him to marry his computer is back at it.

This time, he’s suing Colorado officials for not giving him a marriage license, a Christian bakery for not making him a wedding cake, and four U.S. representatives with rainbow flags outside their offices¬†for not having a “machinist” flag.


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Christian Right Leader: Gay Marriage is a “Demonic Happening in our Midst”

At the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa this past weekend, Pastor Jim Garlow didn’t hesitate¬†to slam marriage equality.

Because of all the problems we have in the country, that’s really the priority.


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BYU-Idaho Professor Fired After Defending LGBT Rights in Private Facebook Post

Showing compassion for LGBT people? Saying homosexuality isn’t sinful? Promising to love people *because* of who they are and not *despite* it?

That might sound like basic statements of compassion, but at BYU-Idaho, saying those things means you can’t work there, as one Mormon professor just found out.


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Ken Ham: It’s “Completely Untrue” That Answers in Genesis Is Against Gay People

Ken Ham isn’t just ignorant of what scientists say.

He’s wrong about his own beliefs.


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Jesus Showed Up at a Korean Pride Parade to Counter His Bigoted Followers

There’s no reason this can’t happen at every pride parade to counter the haters.


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