Creationist Ken Ham Does Unspeakable Things with a T. Rex in This Erotic Novel

You didn’t know the book existed until this moment, and now you’ll never be able to get it out of your head…


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Christian Extremist: The Manchester Victims Were “Sluts,” “Whores,” and Sodomy Lovers

Theodore Shoebat isn’t representative of all Christians, obviously, but his warped sense of morality is based on his interpretation of the Bible.


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Lesbian Called “Too Butch” To Handle Customers Sues Employer for Anti-LGBT Discrimination

15 years of service. Positive performance reviews. Yet Penelope Hudson was fired last year, she claims, because she was a lesbian. And the evidence she has to back up her theory is unbelievable.


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Christian Mother Mourns Loss of Son She Abandoned for Being Gay (On His Wedding Day)

People often ask why atheists care so much about a God we don’t believe in. This is why. We see the harm religion can do to people who take it seriously.

When people are brainwashed into thinking certain sins are unacceptable, it can tear apart families for no good reason.


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KY Appeals Court: Christian-Owned Company Didn’t Violate Law By Refusing to Print LGBT Pride Shirts

The Christian business owner was offended that he might have to acknowledge the existence of LGBT people.


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