An Openly Transgender Person Just Addressed a Major Political Convention for the First Time

In a heartfelt and inspiring speech at the DNC, Sarah McBride just became the first openly transgender person to speak at a political convention. McBride is the National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign.


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Christian Group Furious That Hilton Hotel Advertisement Features Two Men in Bed

This perfectly harmless ad from the Hilton hotel chain appeared in the June issue of Travel and Leisure magazine, and the American Family Association can’t handle it.


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The Democratic Party Platform is a Breath of Fresh Air for Progressives

Last week, the Republican Party adopted the most conservative Christian platform we’ve ever seen. It was anti-marriage equality, anti-abortion, anti-transgender, and pro-Bible-in-Schools. We got something far more progressive and reasonable yesterday when the Democratic Party adopted its platform. Here’s a glimpse at three ways the committee addressed matters relating to religion.


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DNC Lineup Features a Transgender Speaker For the First Time

For the first time ever, an openly transgender person will speak at a major political party’s national convention.


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A Year After Ending the Ban on Gay Leaders, the Boy Scouts Are Doing Just Fine

It was nearly a year ago when the Boy Scouts of America finally ended its irrational ban on gay scout leaders. With that decision, discrimination against gay members in the organization was officially over. A year later, despite backlash from many religious conservatives, the Boy Scouts are doing just fine.


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