After Compromise, Atheists Will Finally Be Allowed to Join Unitarian Universalist Boy Scout Troops

Back in March, I posted about how the Unitarian Universalist Association had once again joined forces with the Boy Scouts of America. The UUA had cut all ties with the Scouts in 1998 due to its anti-atheist and anti-gay bigotry, but since the BSA was finally accepting of gay scouts and scout leaders, they figured now was the time to reconcile.

The problem with that is that the BSA still doesn’t allow openly atheist scouts to be part of their organization. So why was the UUA — which prides itself on being inclusive — lending its support to a group that will kick out scouts who don’t believe in God?


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Gay Imam Nur Warsame Steps Out of the Closet

Conservative Islam is even more intolerant of homosexuality than conservative Christianity. LGBT Muslims tend to stay in the closet, lest they are assaulted, imprisoned, or killed.

Australian imam Nur Warsame, who hails from Somalia, is no longer a closet dweller.


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In the Midst of the Battle Over Bathrooms, Is Target Tanking?

The Boycott Target Pledge now has more than 1.1 million signers. That must mean business is getting pretty terrible at Target, right? The prominent conservative site RedState does allege just that, claiming that Target stock is “in the toilet” (geddit?) and that the retailer is getting its comeuppance for its “stupid, thoughtless corporate overtures to liberal outrage.”


But do the facts back that up?

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Jehovah’s Witnesses Release Disturbing Anti-Gay Video Aimed at Children

In a disturbing video released by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and mirrored by others on YouTube, a little girl learns an important lesson after telling her mother about a classmate who has (*gasp*) two moms.


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Christians Drown Out Trans Rights Supporter by Singing “Jesus Loves Me” at SC School Board Meeting

We know that conservative Christians have an irrational fear of people who use the appropriate bathroom when they don’t “look” the part. And their Jesus-approved transphobia went into full stride yesterday afternoon.

While some of their colleagues in Christ were yelling at people in Target stores, hundreds of Christians turned up at a meeting of the Horry County Board of Education in South Carolina as the board discussed how to handle transgender students and their bathroom usage. Some of them held up signs reading “Keep Kids Safe” and “It’s Common Sense.”

One brave parent, Melanie Moore, made an impassioned plea to the crowd to support trans rights… but after six minutes of talking, during which she was repeatedly asked if she believed in the Word of God (as if that’s relevant at a school board meeting), her words were drowned out by a sea of bigots who began singing the Christian hymn “Jesus Loves Me” in order to shut her up.


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