Another Reason Christians Are Boycotting Beauty and the Beast: The Beast Looks Like Satan

It’s a good thing Makeup Jesus gave the Beast those horns or else Christians would’ve seen this film and only taken away the message that we should love people for what’s on the inside! Can’t have that now, can we?


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Pastor Lance Wallnau: I Know a Gay Man Who Turned Straight Because He Ate “Anointed Cake”

Pastor Lance Wallnau, who never met a conspiracy theory he couldn’t embrace, now says a man was “cured” of his homosexuality because he ate a special piece of cake.


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What’s the Real Story Behind a Gay Man Who Turned Into an Ex-Gay Evangelist?

Michael Glatze was once the poster boy for the ex-gay movement but does his story really fit into the evangelical narrative as neatly as conservatives might think?


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Katy Perry’s Memorable Move from Jesus Camps to Kissing Girls: “People Can Change”

When accepting an award over the weekend, singer Katy Perry gave an emotional speech denouncing the anti-gay beliefs of her former Christian life.


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The Legacy of the “Father” of Ex-Gay Therapy

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the death of Joseph Nicolosi, known as the father of gay conversion therapy.


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