Kentucky Governor Says Gay Marriage Ban Isn’t Discriminatory Because Straight People Can’t Get Gay-Married Either

The state of Kentucky wants to prevent same-sex marriage. But it’s totally not a discriminatory move, because, you see, they absolutely want to stop gay weddings for straight people as much as they want to stop gay weddings for gay people.

And this is the argument Democratic Governor Steve Beshear‘s administration sent to the Supreme Court last Friday:

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Lawyer Defending Creationist Theme Park Wants to Draft a Bill Allowing for Religious Discrimination in Louisiana

We know that Creationist Ken Ham‘s Answers in Genesis is currently suing the state of Kentucky because he wrongly thinks his for-profit company can limit its hiring to Christians only. Earlier this year, he even posted a video that featured a lawyer defending his right to discriminate:

That lawyer is Mike Johnson, who also happens to serve in the Louisiana House of Representatives.

And that same Mike Johnson is working on a bill that, similar to its predecessors in Indiana and Arkansas, would allow people to deny service to LGBT individuals on the basis of “religious freedom”:

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While Indiana Wants a Fix to “Religious Freedom” Law, Arkansas’ Legislature Sends Similar Bill to Governor’s Desk

Last week, Indiana Governor Mike Pence (below) signed into law a bill ostensibly designed to protect religious freedom. As it happens, this was “religious freedom” in the conservative Christian sense of the word — a sort of Orwellian spin on freedom that posits that all people are free, but some people (namely, believers) are more free and can consequently get out of whichever laws they don’t like, as long as they really believe they should be exempt.

The bill was not-so-secretly intended to allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT customers. Predictably, decent people were outraged, and condemnation poured in — from sources as varied as gay rights activist and celebrity George Takei to the leaders of Apple and Walmart. The list of those opposing the move is pretty substantial, with the list growing longer each day.

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Author of The Brick Bible Series Comes Out as Transgender

I’ve posted many times about The Brick Bible, which portrays biblical scenes using LEGOs:

Today, on Facebook, the author of that series came out as transgender:

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Here You Go, Indiana: Even More People You Can Now Discriminate Against Thanks to the Bible

Following Indiana Governor Mike Pence‘s disastrous interview on ABC’s This Week — as one online commenter noted, “The correct answer to a Yes or No question is not ‘George’” — and Apple CEO Tim Cook‘s powerful op-ed, it might be helpful to remind ourselves what’s really at stake with discriminatory “religious freedom” laws.

Thankfully, there’s a website that shows us exactly what the Bible doesn’t allow:

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