Ban on Transgender Military Service Will End July 1

In a huge moment for transgender visibility in the United States, the national ban on transgender people serving openly in the military is expected to be lifted on July 1.


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At Evangelical Schools, Why Are Atheists Typically Favored Over LGBT Students?

When you don’t believe in God, can you remain a student in good standing at an evangelical college — even though devout LGBT pupils are routinely frowned upon? 

According to David Wheeler, writing for the Week, the answer is yes.


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Obama Designates Stonewall Inn the First National Monument Commemorating the LGBT Movement

President Barack Obama has officially added the historic Stonewall Inn to the list of national monuments.


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LGBT People Face More Hate Crimes Than Any Other Minority

The Pulse shooting in Orlando was undoubtedly a hate crime targeting LGBT people — and it wasn’t an isolated incident. As we continue to unpack what happened, the New York Times has released an analysis of FBI data showing that LGBT people face a greater risk of hate crimes than any other minority group.


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A Year Later, We Know How Marriage Equality Has Affected Anti-Gay Christian Pastors

When nationwide marriage equality was imminent, conservative Christians were claiming pastors would be jailed for not officiating gay weddings.

Enough time has passed to assess that prediction…


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