He’s Agnostic, He’s Gay, and He’s Voting for Donald Trump

24-year-old Michael T. is a gay man, an agnostic, and a college graduate. He also supports Donald Trump for President.

Why? That’s what we wanted to know.


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Atheists and UW-Madison Students Proudly Counter Westboro Baptist Church’s Latest Protest

When the Westboro Baptist Church showed up in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday, there were plenty of people responding to their hate.


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NC Writers Buy Clever Full-Page Ad Celebrating Gov. Pat McCrory’s Birthday (and Eventual Defeat)

Today is North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory‘s 60th birthday, and a group called “Writers for a Progressive North Carolina” celebrated the occasion with a full-page ad in the Raleigh News & Observer that doubles as a present for themselves:


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Gay Texan Celebrates Anniversary of His Former Megachurch Kicking Him Out

More than a year ago, Jason Thomas was told he could no longer be a member of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, because he was gay and (wait for it) didn’t feel ashamed about it. In fact, he was dating another guy as if his sexual orientation was something perfectly normal, and the church couldn’t handle it. So they kicked him out via a letter.


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The Christian Right Wants to Protect Women and Children From Who Again?

Has there every been a more perfect example of Religious Right hypocrisy?


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