Teen Study Bible: Having Sex Outside of Straight Marriage is Like Burning Your Cat in a Microwave

A Redditor points out this disturbing passage from the NIV Teen Study Bible. Answer the question of why, if sex is supposed to be so good, some people get AIDS and other diseases, the authors respond by comparing sex outside of (straight) marriage to putting your cat in the microwave.


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Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward Have Announced Their Separation After 24 Years

Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward (best known for playing Romana in Doctor Who) have announced their separation after 24 years of marriage.


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Kentucky Judge Refuses to Conduct Secular Wedding Ceremony for Couple

When a couple requested a courtroom wedding, a Kentucky judge told them he would not remove the word “God” from his pre-written ceremony and told them to visit a judge in another county if they wanted a secular service.


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Steve Harvey Mocks Atheist Guest Trying to Salvage a Relationship With His Christian Girlfriend

In an awful episode of The Steve Harvey Show featuring a Christian/atheist couple trying to save their relationship, Harvey not only invited televangelist Paula White to offer advice, he laughed off the atheist’s explanation of why he didn’t believe in the Christian God.


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There’s a Simple Solution for This…

A PostSecret reader says he’s worried about what his wife will think of him on their wedding night because he’s a Christian:


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