A Tennessee Legislator’s Anti-Porn Resolution Is Irresponsible and Ignorant

A Tennessee Republican says porn is a public health hazard that must be stopped. Just wait till you hear what she says watching it will lead to…


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Are You Married? Do You Text Non-Spousal Members of the Opposite Sex? Why Do You Hate Jesus?

TEXTING! We all do it — and it just may be the world’s greatest invention ever for people who hate talking on the phone or spelling out the word “you.” But did you realize that your innocent texting habit could open the door to a brazen life of adultery and sin?


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These Science-Themed Valentines Will Impress All the Nerds You Love

Forgot to get your loved one a Valentine’s Day card? No worries. Evil Mad Scientist has you covered with a set of nerdy messages only your non-soulmates would appreciate.


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Christian Writer Offers Three Horrible Reasons to Avoid Fifty Shades Darker

Jim Denison, a Christian who runs a “think tank” dedicated to evangelizing, wants to make sure you never see Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey. And in an article for Charisma, he shares three reasons why you should avoid it. Three awful reasons.


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Who Needs God at a Wedding?

An article in the Columbus Dispatch discusses secular weddings and how many atheists these days get away without using a priest. The secret? Humanist celebrants perform all the functions of a religious leader without any of the nonsense.


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