This Ice Cream Orgy Somehow Mocks Anti-Gay Christian Conversion Therapy

When it comes to ice cream, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little Neapolitan.

At least I think that’s the takeaway from this cartoon.


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Conservative Christians Are Furious That UC Davis is Selling Plan B in a Vending Machine

The morning-after pill is now available in a vending machine on the campus of the University of California, Davis, and conservative Christians are (as usual) furious because they think this will make students even more promiscuous.


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After Southern Maryland Libraries Caved To Public Pressure, a Teen-Focused Sex Ed Class Is Back On

It’s appalling that some parents would rather keep their kids in the dark about such an important subject, but for those who want their kids to understand the complexities of sex — and how to be safe — for whenever that time comes, this is a fantastic way to educate them.


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VICE’s Karley Sciortino Explores the Mormon War on Porn

Karley Sciortino went to an anti-porn convention in Utah (with a lot of Mormon attendees), spoke with a state senator who authored a resolution declaring porn to be a public health hazard (it’s not), and hung out with a pornographer who does Mormon-themed shoots (for real).


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Philippine President Duterte: Want To Get Away With Having Mistresses? Just Say You’re an Atheist

In response to reports that Philippine House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez had several extramarital affairs, the oddly pious President Rodrigo Duterte dismissed the allegations, saying Alvarez didn’t know any better because he wasn’t Christian.


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