Humanist Celebrants Will Offer Free Wedding Services to Oppressed Groups Until Trump’s Inauguration

In light of our ignorant next President and his homophobic Vice President — and all the signs pointing to a rollback of civil rights for marginalized groups — a group of non-religious “celebrants” say they will perform weddings for affected people for free until Donald Trump‘s inauguration.


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Christian Pastor to Grieving Man: Your Wife May Have Miscarried Because You Watch Too Much Porn

Pastor John Piper hosts a podcast in which he offers advice, and the saddest thing about his latest episode may have been the question asked by one of his listeners. A man whose wife suffered a miscarriage wanted to know if his “struggle with lust and pornography” had anything to do with it.


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Even Jesus Had to Have the Sex Talk…

His lesson, as you might expect, was light on facts.


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Washington, D.C. Company Opens Up Humanist Wedding “Chapel”

A Washington, D.C.-based startup called Pop Wed Co. that helps couples plan small, fun, festive weddings for a fraction of the normal price just announced their new Humanist Wedding “Chapel.”


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Pastor John Piper: Jesus Didn’t Need Porn To Get It Up for the Church, So Stop Watching It

It’s what you’ve been waiting for: advice from Pastor John Piper on whether or not it’s “sinful” to watch pornography with your spouse.


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