This Is What Having Sex Is Like When You’re Raised with Religion

Amelia B. and Victor Rosas II, writing at College Humor, give us the five stages of becoming sexually active after being raised with religion.


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Sure, the Accident Would Kill Me, But This Would Be So Much Worse

Well, this is depressing to think about…


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Humanist Celebrants Will Offer Free Wedding Services to Oppressed Groups Until Trump’s Inauguration

In light of our ignorant next President and his homophobic Vice President — and all the signs pointing to a rollback of civil rights for marginalized groups — a group of non-religious “celebrants” say they will perform weddings for affected people for free until Donald Trump‘s inauguration.


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Christian Pastor to Grieving Man: Your Wife May Have Miscarried Because You Watch Too Much Porn

Pastor John Piper hosts a podcast in which he offers advice, and the saddest thing about his latest episode may have been the question asked by one of his listeners. A man whose wife suffered a miscarriage wanted to know if his “struggle with lust and pornography” had anything to do with it.


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Even Jesus Had to Have the Sex Talk…

His lesson, as you might expect, was light on facts.


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