Josh Duggar Had a Paid Ashley Madison Account, Says Gawker

Gawker has come under fire recently for exposing the apparent same-sex affair of a mostly-unknown businessman.

The argument from critics was that if you’re going to ruin someone’s life for an affair, make sure it’s someone who deserves it. Like a politician or public figure who spends his time arguing against marriage equality.

That someone may be Josh Duggar, the former executive director of the Family Research Council, outspoken critic of marriage equality, and in-house (alleged) sexual abuser.

According to Gawker, Duggar had an account (Edit: make that two of them) on Ashley Madison, something that was revealed following the affair-supporting site’s hack.

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Indiana Woman Marries Jesus and Declares Herself a Virgin for Life

According to the Catholic Church, marriage is between one man and one woman — unless you’re marrying Jesus and declaring your eternal virginity. Last weekend, a woman in Indiana did just that, complete with wedding ceremony, bridal gown, and reception.

Jessica Hayes, a 38-year-old Catholic school teacher, became a “consecrated virgin” — one of only a few hundred in the United States and a few thousand worldwide. In a video interview with a local Fort Wayne news station, Hayes sounded content and fulfilled. She was also thrilled that so many friends and family members came to celebrate with her.

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Anti-Gay, Affair-Having Christian Lawmaker Says His Actions Are Just a “Showcase” for God’s Powers

You all know Michigan State Rep. Todd Courser by now because he’s the anti-gay rights legislators who thinks “traditional marriage” means having an affair with also-married colleague Rep. Cindy Gamrat and then distributing a fake email alleging that he fucked a male prostitute in order to throw people off the real story.

It’s what Jesus would have wanted.

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Pro-Abstinence Speaker Yells at Students About Pre-Marital Sex

If you watched the John Oliver video about the problems with sex education in America, you caught a glimpse of Pam Stenzel, a Christian speaker who promotes abstinence before marriage.

If you’re unfamiliar with her, you may want to check out this extended version of her talk. It’s all about the horrors of pre-marital sex — which is always, always a terrible thing, don’t you know.

The talk includes the words “cancer” and “scarred fallopian tubes.”

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Anti-Gay Christian Lawmakers in Michigan Planned Male Prostitute Hoax to Cover Up Their Own Affair

The only reason I’m familiar with State Rep. Todd Courser is because, two months ago, he introduced legislation that would (among other things) require marriage licenses to be signed by a religious leader — atheists be damned. He did all he could to get in the way of gay marriages.

Now, I have a much more interesting reason for knowing who he is…

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