A Sex Educator Offered to Teach Free Classes at Maryland Libraries… and Conservatives Freaked Out

A couple of months ago, sex educator Bianca Palmisano decided to give back to her community by teaching free classes for teens and adults at local libraries. But when conservatives found out about her background, they flipped out and forced the classes to be cancelled.


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Mike Pence Refusing To Eat With Women Other Than His Wife Isn’t An Endearing Love Story

In a story about Karen Pence, the wife of the Vice President, the Washington Post‘s Ashley Parker recalled a particular detail that’s not surprising for those familiar with evangelical Christianity but probably sounds downright bizarre to everyone else.


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At Least This is a Better Use of Your Time in Church

Okay, which one of you is thinking up erotica plotlines while sitting in church…?


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Christian Sex Educator Withdraws from Speaking at WA Public School After Community Backlash

Brad Henning, a Christian sex educator who has no business giving kids advice on that topic, said he would not speak to students in Washington’s Kennewick School District after several community members complained about his fact-free, stereotype-heavy presentations.


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An Oklahoma School Had a Christian Sex Educator Speak to Kids, and (Surprise!) It Was a Disaster

Administrators at an Oklahoma public high school foolishly invited a Christian sex-ed lecturer to speak to the senior class, and now they’re getting the inevitable backlash because the speech was a disaster.

I'm afraid to ask what the waffle is for...

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