Christian Pastor: The Reason Most Marriages Go Bad Is That Women “Believe They Are Equal Partners”

According to a bizarre sermon by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the Senior Pastor of Christ Embassy Ministries (an online church), women need to do a better job of listening to their husbands because the only successful marriage is one where women obey their masters.


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A Nashville Catholic School is Under Fire for Teaching Basic Facts About Sex and Birth Control

As part of a required theology course, a Catholic high school in Nashville, Tennessee is teaching freshmen and sophomores about basic human anatomy, how it all operates when it comes to sex, and how birth control works. Some ignorant parents are calling that “salacious” and demanding that the Diocese put a stop to it.


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Elizabeth Smart Slams Purity Culture: “There Is Nothing That Can Detract From Your Worth”

Last time we heard from Elizabeth Smart, she was starting to openly discuss the ways her purity culture upbringing made it difficult to escape from her rapist and kidnapper, despite multiple opportunities to do so.

Today, she is actively speaking out against her Mormon church’s teachings about women, sex, and virginity as it is linked to worth:


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Ask Richard: Catholic Wife in Midst of Divorce Asks About Her Husband’s Atheism

After decades of marriage, a Catholic woman and her now-atheist husband are getting divorced and she wants to know where she went wrong. Richard Wade, our resident therapist, responds to her heartbreaking letter.


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The Same-Sex Wedding of Salt Lake City’s Mayor Angered These Facebook Users

Over the weekend, Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski married her partner Betty Iverson in what appeared to be a lovely ceremony. The news media took notice in part because, let’s face it, how often do you see a lesbian mayor from Utah get married while in office?

But check out the reaction from readers on a local news channel’s Facebook page:


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