The Jehovah’s Witnesses Want to Make Sure Kids Don’t Use Kiss Emojis When They Text

Suppose you wanted to text a good friend, “Sorry you’re having a tough day. I hope things get better.” What emoji would go with it? If you said the kissing lips one, then the Jehovah’s Witnesses want to talk to you…


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Adult Film Star Kim Holland Apologizes After Shooting Scene Inside of Church Without Permission

Of all the sacrilegious things atheists could do in a church, I tend to draw a line at anything that gets in the way of those who are peacefully worshiping.

You swallow a communion wafer despite not being Catholic? Doesn’t really bug me.

Shooting a porn scene near the confessional booth? Too far.

Adult film star Kim Holland

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An Atheist Tried Finding Love on Various Religious Dating Websites… At Least It Was Entertaining

Hana Nobel, writing for The Bold Italic, attempted to meet the man of her dreams by trying various religious dating sites — everything from Christian Mingle to Atheist Passions (which is apparently a thing).


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Podcast Ep. 143: Galen Broaddus, Secular Celebrant and Lawsuit Winner

Our latest podcast guest is Galen Broaddus, an atheist who just won a lawsuit that will allow Secular Celebrants to solemnize weddings in the state. I spoke with Galen about why this lawsuit was necessary, what services he provides families as a Celebrant, and why some atheists wish he never took on this battle at all.


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Secular Celebrants Will Be Allowed to Solemnize Marriages in Illinois After Atheist Wins Lawsuit

Before today, in Illinois, only judges or religious ministers could perform wedding ceremonies and have them “count” in a legal sense. Atheist “Secular Celebrants” had less legal authority than someone who got ordained online in a matter of minutes. But that changed today, after an atheist won his lawsuit against the state.


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