Pat Robertson Tells Man in Near-Sexless Marriage His Wife Was Probably “Molested as a Child”

Oh, Pat Robertson… who are these people who write to you for advice? Who thinks he should be answering questions about, of all things, sex?

Some guy named Jason does, and he wants to know what he should do about the lack of sex in his marriage:

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The Real Problem with Female Masturbation is That Evangelicals Are Too Sex-Negative To Talk About It Honestly

The evangelical Christian take on masturbation is usually pretty simple: Don’t do it. Don’t touch yourself. Don’t even think about touching yourself. There’s something wrong with you if you do it. Pastor Mark Driscoll even went so far as to say it basically amounted to homosexuality (*gasp*) because it was a sexual act that didn’t involve a woman and did involve you touching a penis.

But that’s all referring to male masturbation. They typically don’t even want to acknowledge that women may want to touch themselves, too.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see Jordan Monge‘s article in Christianity Today in which she discusses female masturbation. Finally, a sensible take on the matter, right?

Not even close.

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Pop Quiz: Contemporary Christian Music Lyrics or Lines from 50 Shades of Grey?

Time for a pop quiz! Contemporary Christian Music lyrics or something out of 50 Shades of Grey?

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This Is How Bizarre and Ineffective Sex Education Is In Mississippi Schools

The Mississippi legislature decided in 2011 that all seventh- and eighth-graders in the state should undergo sex education. It’s not been an unqualified success, to put it mildly. About one in eight school districts have not implemented any sex education at all, and where it has been put in place, male and female students are instructed in separate classrooms — and condom demonstrations are prohibited by law.

Creative educators may, however, use a sock and their own foot to simulate what using a condom is like. (I kid you not.)

And then there’s this:

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Why Religious Faith is Like a Sex Toy

I’d never been tempted to create a meme, but there’s a first time for everything:

À propos this post.

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