Attending a Religious Wedding? Let’s Hope It’s Not As Bad As These

Two quick items related to religious weddings:

Maybe not news, but news to me: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wants U.S. members to marry in ceremonies that exclude literally everyone who is not an active Mormon adult. As an apparent form of spite, Mormons who want to have both a civil ceremony (that all their friends and relatives can attend) and a Church-sanctioned one (for sufficiently pious Mormon folk only) will have to wait a year for a temple marriage. Slate quotes a former Mormon, Jean Bodie, who knows whereof she speaks, having spent 35 years in that faith. “Rejecting and excluding your inactive or nonmember family is a mark of being a good Mormon,” she says unreservedly.

For some Mormons, this means soul-searching, awkwardness, and some degree of social unpleasantness:

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The Book of Genesis: Erotica Edition

Matthew Stillman has written a book called Genesis Deflowered that takes the King James Bible and eroticizes its version of the Book of Genesis. It’s not quite as blasphemous as you might think, as he said on FOX News:

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Humanist Celebrants Will Offer Free Wedding Services to Same-Sex Couples in the Military Through 2013

I absolutely love this promotion: In honor of the fact that same-sex spouses in the military will soon receive full benefits, members of the Humanist Society are offering to provide free wedding services to gay and lesbian couples:

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The Hardest Battle Ever

I saw this trailer for a Christian movie Every Young Man’s Battle yesterday… (Spoiler: All of you young men out there have to fight the evil, treacherous scourge of pornography.)


The full movie is actually online and it’s even worse than the trailer.

Like the part at 12:42 when a young woman blames herself because “men were stumbling because of some of the things” she was wearing.

Or the part at 43:42 when James Dobson interviews serial killer Ted Bundy. Why? Because porn, that’s why.

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A Wedding Worth Celebrating, Even Though Her Former Church Members Didn’t Show Up

It’s good to be back :)

Huge thanks to Paul Fidalgo for taking care of this site so I could go off the grid for a few days.

Turns out there was news of a big wedding while I was away: Lauren Drain, a former member of Westboro Baptist Church, was married early last month, something we found out about after she posted pictures of the ceremony on Reddit.

While her “God Hates Fags” church members weren’t there to support her (or, thankfully, protest), two of her “church sisters” who also escaped the cult were.

Check out this picture and try not to smile:

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