Christian Mingle, Eat Your Heart Out

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This Had to Be One of the Highlights of Patrick Stewart’s Wedding Ceremony

You may have seen by now that Patrick Stewart married singer/songwriter Sunny Ozell a couple of weeks agoSir Ian McKellen was their officiant — but I hadn’t heard about this one part of their ceremony until now…

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Christian Writer Argues Against Disabled People Having Sexual Surrogates Because, You Know, Jesus

In the 2012 movie The Sessions, a poet who has never had sex due to his polio gets in touch with a sexual surrogate who helps him lose his virginity (and they develop feelings for each other and *cue conflict*).

I find it hard to fault what the poet did. For people with serious physical or mental disabilities, finding someone to have sex with isn’t always easy (hush with your jokes), so the idea of a surrogate makes sense to me. What a cruel life it would be to go without one of its great pleasures, especially when you didn’t choose that life for yourself. Who would deny anyone that form of happiness if they wanted it and weren’t hurting anybody in the process?

Ashley Moore would.

Writing at Christianity Today‘s her.meneutics blog, Moore says that such a person would be better off sexless for life.

Because sex should only be between a married man and woman.

Because… Jesus.

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Attending a Religious Wedding? Let’s Hope It’s Not As Bad As These

Two quick items related to religious weddings:

Maybe not news, but news to me: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wants U.S. members to marry in ceremonies that exclude literally everyone who is not an active Mormon adult. As an apparent form of spite, Mormons who want to have both a civil ceremony (that all their friends and relatives can attend) and a Church-sanctioned one (for sufficiently pious Mormon folk only) will have to wait a year for a temple marriage. Slate quotes a former Mormon, Jean Bodie, who knows whereof she speaks, having spent 35 years in that faith. “Rejecting and excluding your inactive or nonmember family is a mark of being a good Mormon,” she says unreservedly.

For some Mormons, this means soul-searching, awkwardness, and some degree of social unpleasantness:

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The Book of Genesis: Erotica Edition

Matthew Stillman has written a book called Genesis Deflowered that takes the King James Bible and eroticizes its version of the Book of Genesis. It’s not quite as blasphemous as you might think, as he said on FOX News:

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