The Pastors Busted on Ashley Madison Could Have Been Worse Off

It’s only a sin if you can discriminate against people, right?

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Darrell Trigg, the Christian Party Candidate Who Wants to Protect Marriage, Got Divorced in 2013

Darrell Trigg (below) wants to be the next President. He’s the candidate for the Christian Party — a party that I’m pretty sure has a total membership of one — and his platform is a mish-mash of right-wing talking points.

He wants to eradicate separation of church and state, bring mandatory prayer back to public schools, stop any legal recognition of homosexuality, increase the drinking age to 25, and ban nudity and bad language on television.

And then you get to the part about how he would protect marriage:

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Are Conservative Christians More Prone to Sex Scandals?

Andrea DenHoed, who grew up in a Christian homeschooling environment, has a really nice piece up at the New Yorker connecting the dots between the conservative culture in which people like Josh Duggar (below) were raised to the numerous sexual scandals that have come out of it:

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Islamic Lecturer Hamza Tzortzis Explains Why His Data Was Found in the Ashley Madison Hack

This is Hamza Tzortzis, a Muslim apologist and lecturer for the Islamic Education and Research Academy:

And here’s Tzortzis explaining how his name, address, birth date, and credit card number — all of which were found linked together in the Ashley Madison data hack — don’t implicate him at all, because identity theft. (Yeah, that’s the ticket…)

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Christian YouTuber Sam Rader Says God Has Forgiven Him for His Ashley Madison Account

Following revelations that he had a paid account on cheating website Ashley Madison, Christian YouTuber Sam Rader responded to the claims yesterday by saying it’s all true, but it’s all good because God forgave him. As he spoke, his wife Nia smiled and nodded alongside him:

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