Christian Dad Advertises “26-Year-Old Virgin” Daughter for Marriage in Christianity Today

One Christian father seems to have taken parenting to extraordinary (and creepy) new heights in his efforts to see his daughter hitched.

Placing an ad (without his daughter’s knowledge or permission) in Christianity Today magazine, Stephen Stewart advertised a job listing for “son-in-law”:


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In New Zealand, Pastafarians Can Now Get Married with the Help of a Registered Ministeroni

Two months after New Zealand ruled that representatives of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster were legally allowed to perform marriage ceremonies, we have our first official Pastafarian celebrant:


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This is the Disturbing Material Ohio Students Were Taught in a Faith-Based Sex-Ed Program

There is a mountain of evidence showing that abstinence-only sex education does not work. That might be part of the reason President Obama‘s budget recently eliminated funding for such programs. But the problem extends beyond the reality that telling kids not to have sex is like spitting into the wind. And it goes beyond the fact that so many of these programs tell outright lies about safe sex. Though these are good reasons to eliminate abstinence-only education, there’s another one that rarely gets the attention it deserves: these programs are constructed to shame kids who may experience sexual feelings and often rely on religion to do so.


Take, for example, the state of Ohio.

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Answers in Genesis Discovers Polyamory; Horror Ensues

Answers in Genesis’ Avery Foley has discovered something shocking. Truly shocking. But before I elaborate, please take a moment to ensure that there are no children nearby who may glance over your shoulder and inadvertently be exposed to such horrors.

Okay, now that that’s done…

Avery has discovered — brace yourself — that monogamy isn’t for everyone.


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Marco Rubio’s Prostitution Comments Could Come Back to Haunt Him

Marco Rubio has fought hard to frame himself as a steward of conservative Christian values. He cares so much about the subject that his passion has overwhelmed his circuit board and caused him to glitch out. But a recent comment in Nevada may strike a blow to that image.


Rubio was asked if he would make prostitution a federal crime, and his answer may not sit well with the Religious Right.

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