Egypt Court Sentences Eight Men to Prison for Gay Wedding Video

Eight men in Egypt face a three-year jail sentence for broadcasting a video of a same-sex wedding and, as a result, “shaming God.”

The men were charged for “spreading indecent images” and “violating public decency” after filming two men kissing, exchanging rings and celebrating with cheering friends on a Nile riverboat, suggesting a same-sex wedding. They were initially detained in September after Egypt’s chief prosecutor called the video “shameful to God” and “offensive to public morals.”

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Christian Files Open Records Request for Strippers’ Names and Addresses… So He Can Pray for Them

David Van Vleet is one of those Christians who thinks he’s doing society a favor by being all sorts of creepy. He recently filed an open records request to obtain the legal names, addresses, birthdates, photos, and other pieces of biographical information from 70 workers at a local Tacoma (Washington) strip club.

And it’s all for Jesus:

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Minnesota County Sued for Denying Atheists the Ability to Officiate a Wedding

Earlier this year, the Center For Inquiry won a lawsuit against the state of Indiana, giving non-religious people who were Secular Celebrants the ability to officiate weddings.

Before they stepped in, the only way an atheist could officiate was to direct the marrying couple to someone else to solemnize the wedding immediately afterwards become a “minister” via a site like the Universal Life Church, or get certified by a group founded by Quakers.

So the legal victory was a welcome one. Atheists in Indiana no longer had to abdicate the solemnizing responsibility to someone else or pretend to have faith.

Now, atheists in Minnesota are trying to do the same thing.

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This Porn Star Became a Christian Evangelist After Reaching Real Ecstasy With Jesus

She had sex on-camera with a hundred women (not all at once, I think) and appeared with barely a shred of clothing in Hustler and Penthouse.

These days, using the title “Porn Again Christian,” Teresa Carey sells wet dreams of a different kind, preaching religious surrender and salvation to audiences that include church groups and student gatherings.

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Bible Belt Christians Love Online Porn (Including Gay Porn); Why Google Is a Godsend To Religious Conservatives

In 2012, the New York Times published an article about strip clubs in Tampa. Business at the establishments boomed, the Times reported, when the National Republican Convention came to town, in ways that it didn’t when left-leaning conventioneers descended on the city. One strip club proprietor said daily revenue during the RNC event was three times that of the take during the Super Bowl, itself a high-grossing time for peddlers of sexual titillation.

You could still quibble over what those things meant. Republican convention-goers could simply have higher incomes than their counterparts on the left, making it easier for them to spend bigger bucks. Maybe Democrats and associated groups were just as interested in exotic dancing, but more reluctant to be seen indulging in activities that their political fellows may condemn as misogynistic.

Now, however, thanks to Canadian psychologists Cara MacInnis and Gordon Hodson, we have a scientifically sound look at the link between lustful interest in sexual imagery on the one hand (pardon the pun), and conservatism and religiosity on the other. The researchers published their paper in the peer-reviewed journal Archives of Sexual Behavior and titled it, straightforwardly, Do American States with More Religious or Conservative Populations Search More for Sexual Content on Google?

And the answer is: hell yeah.

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