Save Yourself Till Marriage?

Sexie Sadie has a lot to say about the problems with abstinence-only sex education, but in the process, she raises an important question about why some people “save themselves” for marriage: I’ve never understood the concept of “saving yourself for marriage”. What exactly is one “saving” by waiting until the blessed wedding night to have [Read More...]

A Reason Not To Get Married in a Church

This is why I need to have a wedding: Blog fodder for weeks. The bride added: “I felt like telling her she could keep her $50 and her guilt trip, too, but decided I would have my revenge by having a long, happy, secular marriage instead.” Lovely. I am sooooo gonna invite 329423 religious people [Read More...]

Are There Marriage Preparation Classes for Atheists?

A reader sends this email and needs your advice: I am engaged to be married and both my fiance and I are atheists living in London, England. We really want to do some kind of marriage preparation course, but can’t afford the fees for the only secular course we can find and we would feel [Read More...]

Ask Richard: To Prevent Conflict with In-Laws, Know Your Spouse

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Hi Richard, I am a young atheist, age 21. I am also the father of the most beautiful one-year-old girl in the world. I am also just recently married. And I am looking for some advice. My wife’s immediate family is very religious. They are [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Coming Out to Family and Friends Without Offending

Hello Richard, I am new to this, but would like to know what you think. I was raised in a Christian home, but since being an adult, I do not believe in what Christians call God. Whenever I questioned my family, they would tell me I had to get on my knees and beg God [Read More...]