It’s Tinder… for Christians

If it’s popular in the culture, you can bet Christians will make a shitty knockoff version of it. The latest example involves the dating/hook-up app Tinder.

The Christian version of it was just released yesterday. It’s called Collide and it lets you look at someone’s picture and favorite Bible verse, after which you can choose which way to swipe:

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Just Do It. God Won’t Mind At All

Seen at PostSecret:

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This Swingers Club Was Banned from Opening Near a Christian School… Until the Owners Rebranded It As a Church

Earlier this year, a swingers club wanted to open up right across from Goodpasture Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee. Not on purpose, of course, but because it was in a good location. It’s not like the two would have anything to do with each other.

Still, it wasn’t long before the local city council passed a zoning regulation that would ban the club from that particular area.

But the founders of “The Social Club” have figured out a loophole: They’ll just rebrand themselves as a church:

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A Third of Millennials Have No Religious Affiliation… and Other Highlights from PRRI’s Latest Survey

A new study on Millennials and their attitudes toward issues related to sexuality and reproductive health was just released by the Public Religion Research Institute.

What does it say about the “Nones,” those of us who want no part of organized religion?

1) We represent the largest subgroup of Millennials; a third of adults 18-34 have no religious affiliation.

PRRI says “Unaffiliated” is “the single most common religious identity among this generation.” There may be more Christians overall, but only when you lump together very different denominations.

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Awkward Sex Advice from a Christian Motivational Speaker

You have to appreciate sex advice from anyone who seriously calls it “the sex.” Welcome to the creepy (and highly-edited) world of Dawson McAllister:

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