Steve Harvey Mocks Atheist Guest Trying to Salvage a Relationship With His Christian Girlfriend

In an awful episode of The Steve Harvey Show featuring a Christian/atheist couple trying to save their relationship, Harvey not only invited televangelist Paula White to offer advice, he laughed off the atheist’s explanation of why he didn’t believe in the Christian God.


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There’s a Simple Solution for This…

A PostSecret reader says he’s worried about what his wife will think of him on their wedding night because he’s a Christian:


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After Settlement, Gay Users Will Finally Be Able to Use

Congratulations, gay Christians! You can finally meet each other. (Assuming you haven’t already moved on to every other dating website in the world.)


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The Australian Sex Party Has the Greatest Campaign Video Ever

I don’t know much about Australian politics, but I feel very confident in saying you should totally vote for the Australian Sex Party in next week’s elections. Because if this (perfectly SFW) campaign video gives you any indication as to how they would govern, we’d all be better off with them in charge.


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More Frequent Porn-Watching Can Boost Religiosity, Researcher Finds

Religious people can finally watch a ton of porn and feel pious about it. A little porn won’t do, but a lot of it might really deepen their commitment to religion.

In the latest issue of the Journal of Sex Research, Sociologist Samuel L. Perry of the University of Oklahoma writes that, on the whole, the correlation between pornography use and religiosity runs as most of us probably expect:


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