Christian Virgin Thinks Reading Cosmo Will Help Her “Wow” Her Husband on Their Wedding Night

Let’s all say it together now: “You poor, deluded young woman…”


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A Cringeworthy Collection of Jesus-Approved Marriage and Sex Tips

Are you in a troubled relationship? Let these Christians give you advice on love and sex!

It won’t help you. You’re not watching it to learn anything. It’s just an amusing distraction if you’re going through a rough time.


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The Christian Who Jumpstarted the Purity Movement Admits He May Have Done More Harm Than Good

Nearly two decades ago, 21-year-old Joshua Harris wrote a book called I Kissed Dating Goodbye that came to define what it meant to be in a relationship as a Christian. Dating around? Bad idea. “Courtship” was preferred — that is, you should only see someone with the intention of marrying them. Harris is now walking away from much of what he wrote after hearing criticisms from people whose lives were ruined by the book.

Don't you dare get any closer. Save it for the wedding day.

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Teen Study Bible: Having Sex Outside of Straight Marriage is Like Burning Your Cat in a Microwave

A Redditor points out this disturbing passage from the NIV Teen Study Bible. Answer the question of why, if sex is supposed to be so good, some people get AIDS and other diseases, the authors respond by comparing sex outside of (straight) marriage to putting your cat in the microwave.


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Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward Have Announced Their Separation After 24 Years

Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward (best known for playing Romana in Doctor Who) have announced their separation after 24 years of marriage.


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