Head of Christian Charity Embezzled $475,000 to Finance His “Sex Addiction”

There’s an episode of Louie that contains a great observation about so-called sex addiction:

“Tiger Woods claims to be addicted to sex. Bullshit! These are hot women he was having sex with. If he was having sex with a dead chicken, I’d say, wow, that guy is addicted to sex.”

Because a lot of people these days, with excellent justification, see addicts as patients rather than sinners, it’s tempting for an incorrigible fornicator to couch himself in the mantle of sex addiction, rather than saying, “I just really love to screw as much as I can.” Better to be a victim than a pervert, I guess. Perverts get no sympathy and very little forgiveness; addicts just might.

Enter Jon S. Petersen (but not literally, ’cause he’d probably like that):


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A Conservative Christian Politician Left the Porn Tabs Open on Screenshots He Posted to Facebook

Mike Webb is running for Congress from Virginia’s 8th District as a conservative Republican, but didn’t get the primary nod earlier this month at the state’s GOP convention. So now, he’s running as an independent.

Actually, scratch that. Now, he may not be running at all.

His website is down, and earlier today, he posted a story on Facebook intending to trash the Democratic incumbent. It mentions some prank calls he received from a staffing agency in the candidate’s district (as if the calls were the fault of the Congressman). To verify the story, he posted screenshots of the agency’s information as it appeared on a search engine, along with his phone records showing the calls (unintentionally giving away his own home address and phone number). But the most interesting things were the unclosed tabs in his browser.


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God Teaches Adam and Eve How to Make Sweet, Sweet Love

If God just put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, how would the two of them just know what to do with each other?

Maybe they needed some lessons first…


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Kirk Cameron: Wives Should Always “Honor and Respect and Follow Their Husband’s Lead”

Actor and Christian evangelist Kirk Cameron did an interview with the Christian Post last month in which he talked about how women ought to be subservient to their husbands in the relationship. It’s a message he preaches during his “Love Worth Fighting For” tour and one that’s all too common within Christian fundamentalism.


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Christian Wife Asks For Prayers For Her Newly Atheist Husband. Can This Marriage Be Saved?

When Redditor LolHSV got married, he and his wife were both about “56 percent religious,” he says. Since then, his religiosity has sunk to the point where he now considers himself an atheist. Hers, in response, has increased to the point where she temporarily left her godless husband and stayed with her religious parents. She didn’t return until LolHSV threw Genesis 2:24 at her:

Leave thy father and mother and cleave unto thy wife, and the two shall become one flesh.

Clever move, but now what? The religious strife between them hasn’t abated. Yesterday, his spouse submitted a prayer request at church. This one:

OP_prayer reuyest

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