Podcast Ep. 143: Galen Broaddus, Secular Celebrant and Lawsuit Winner

Our latest podcast guest is Galen Broaddus, an atheist who just won a lawsuit that will allow Secular Celebrants to solemnize weddings in the state. I spoke with Galen about why this lawsuit was necessary, what services he provides families as a Celebrant, and why some atheists wish he never took on this battle at all.


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Secular Celebrants Will Be Allowed to Solemnize Marriages in Illinois After Atheist Wins Lawsuit

Before today, in Illinois, only judges or religious ministers could perform wedding ceremonies and have them “count” in a legal sense. Atheist “Secular Celebrants” had less legal authority than someone who got ordained online in a matter of minutes. But that changed today, after an atheist won his lawsuit against the state.


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This Is What Having Sex Is Like When You’re Raised with Religion

Amelia B. and Victor Rosas II, writing at College Humor, give us the five stages of becoming sexually active after being raised with religion.


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Sure, the Accident Would Kill Me, But This Would Be So Much Worse

Well, this is depressing to think about…


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Humanist Celebrants Will Offer Free Wedding Services to Oppressed Groups Until Trump’s Inauguration

In light of our ignorant next President and his homophobic Vice President — and all the signs pointing to a rollback of civil rights for marginalized groups — a group of non-religious “celebrants” say they will perform weddings for affected people for free until Donald Trump‘s inauguration.


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