Does Cohabitation Work?

As a guy who once lived with his girlfriend, I know I learned things about her (and vice-versa) that several more years of dating probably wouldn’t have brought to light. I say we were both better off because of that. Had we gotten married, I don’t think there would have been as many major “surprises” [Read More...]

A Christian Speaks Out In Support of Gay Relationships

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we ought to celebrate it. Alise Wright, a Christian and a frequent commenter on this site, has a wonderful post on her site about how she has come to not just “accept” or “tolerate” gay people, but rather affirm their relationships. If I came to the conclusion [Read More...]

Help an Atheist Win a Honeymoon!

Reader Royce wants to give his fiancée the best honeymoon ever. However, a family emergency has forced him to dip into his wedding/honeymoon account to scrounge up some needed money. However, it turns out there’s a contest where one lucky Kansas City couple can win a free honeymoon… so let’s help him out! Here’s what [Read More...]

How Can You Find Out if Your Date is Religious?

The dating site OKCupid has always been great for providing readers with data on user trends. Most recently, they pointed out that you don’t always get to ask the questions you *really* want the answers to on your first date with someone. Is he a drug addict? Will she have sex on the first date? [Read More...]

All You Need Is Love Campaign

Deanna Joy Lyons has a wonderful way to take the money you plan to spend on Valentine’s Day gifts — typically a way to “show your love” for one person — and turn it into a way to show your love for a whole class of GLBT victims. Instead of wasting that money on one [Read More...]