Surprise Wedding Reception

Who needs a religious wedding day when you can have a wonderful impromptu reception (with no mention of a god, I might add)? This is sweet True story: I went to an American wedding a couple years ago… a break from the usual, traditional Indian ones I’m used to. The groom tossed the bride’s garter. [Read More...]

You’re Getting Married: What Do You Do With Your Last Name?

Reader Josh is getting married in a few weeks. He and his fiancé are both atheists. Her brother (also an atheist) is officiating. All the plans look to be on track. So what’s the problem? Josh writes: The only issue we have left is what to do about our last name. We are both progressive [Read More...]

The Problem with Buying Atheist Books

This is why I never get to go on dates with the cute women who work at Borders: Next time I buy hardcore atheist books, I’ll just include a copy of The Shack to confuse the hell out of the cashier. That’s when I’ll make my move. (via The Redheaded Skeptic) [Read more...]

When Your Brain Ruins Your Social Life

I hate it when my brain cockblocks the rest of me. I meet someone really interesting. Then she does something I’m sure normal people never care about (e.g. misspelling an easy word), and my brain tells me never to have children with them. My brain and I are currently in battle over picky things like [Read More...]

What Child Milestones Can an Atheist Contribute?

Reader Claudia‘s friends are married and they just had their first child. The mom is a “mild Catholic” — the kind who does weddings, First Communions, funerals, and not much else — and the dad is an atheist. They made an agreement I don’t think a lot of atheists would agree to: No church wedding, [Read More...]