Christian Pastor to Grieving Man: Your Wife May Have Miscarried Because You Watch Too Much Porn

Pastor John Piper hosts a podcast in which he offers advice, and the saddest thing about his latest episode may have been the question asked by one of his listeners. A man whose wife suffered a miscarriage wanted to know if his “struggle with lust and pornography” had anything to do with it.


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Even Jesus Had to Have the Sex Talk…

His lesson, as you might expect, was light on facts.


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Washington, D.C. Company Opens Up Humanist Wedding “Chapel”

A Washington, D.C.-based startup called Pop Wed Co. that helps couples plan small, fun, festive weddings for a fraction of the normal price just announced their new Humanist Wedding “Chapel.”


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Pastor John Piper: Jesus Didn’t Need Porn To Get It Up for the Church, So Stop Watching It

It’s what you’ve been waiting for: advice from Pastor John Piper on whether or not it’s “sinful” to watch pornography with your spouse.


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AZ School Sends Girls to Mandatory Christian Abstinence Assembly, Boys to Voluntary Dating Seminar

Officials at Payson High School, a public school in Arizona, may be rethinking their sex ed curriculum after inviting Christian abstinence advocate Brad Henning to the school to speak to students. Well, sort of…

He spoke to the girls about sex — and how they shouldn’t have it — in a mandatory assembly, during the school day, attended by all 350 female students. But he spoke to the boys about “dating tips” in a voluntary, after-school assembly attended by only 25 male students.


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