Religious Bickering Between Loving Parents

Deepak Singh (below) grew up with a Hindu mom and an atheist dad and their conversations — in jest more than in argument — are very entertaining:

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Christian Pastor Says Aborted Fetuses Go to Hell and Wives Should Acquiesce to Sex Even if They Don’t Want To

I first heard about when I started seeing an article from the site, detailing what kind of women Christian men should avoid, making its rounds on social media. (Atheist, divorced, career, feminist, and travel-loving women are among those who will doubtless be relieved to know that they didn’t make the cut).

According to the site’s “about” page (no doubt built for the inevitable moment when readers wondered, “who are you, person who is so wise in the ways of women?”), NYC Pastor is the blog of Dr. Stephen Kim, pastor of Mustard Seed Church.

Since writing that illuminating piece, Dr. Kim has addressed a few other burning issues (like, do dead fetuses go to hell?) in a fashion so monstrous that he immediately outs himself as either one of the greatest Internet trolls of all time… or a fairly typical New Calvinist.

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“I Love My Religion More Than I Love My Kids”; When Atheists Marry Believers, Love May Not Conquer All

Though it doesn’t have to be that way, for lots of couples, religion is a serious wedge issue.

I feel terrible for Tauseef, a British ex-Muslim whose six-year-old marriage is cracking because his wife’s faith has grown stronger while his own has dissipated. She holds it against him and has grown colder; he still loves her and tries to convince her that he can be the man she wants him to be. The BBC interviewed Tauseef recently. You can hear the sadness and anguish in his voice.

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Middle Eastern Countries Are Among the World’s Top Consumers of Pornography

Religiously conservative Muslim countries are (in)famous for minimizing, shaming, and repressing human sexuality. Shockingly enough, this doesn’t actually seem to be a foolproof strategy for convincing people to refrain from expressing or enjoying their bodies.

On the contrary, many of these countries are home to some of the highest consumers of porn in the world. (The same effect can also be observed in the largely religious U.S. South, where some of the strongest areas of opposition to LGBT rights also lead the nation in gay porn searches.)

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Colorado Church Cancels Woman’s Funeral After Seeing a Picture of Her Kissing Her Wife

In yet another example of Christian Love, New Hope Ministries in Lakewood, Colorado put a stop to Vanessa Collier‘s funeral just minutes after it was scheduled to begin because they noticed that a video that was supposed to play during the service included an image of Collier kissing her wife:

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