Ask Richard: My Korean Girlfriend Keeps Asking Me to Come to Church

Dear Richard, My girlfriend recently asked me to come to church with her. She’s from Korea, and she doesn’t speak first-rate English, so she doesn’t know how to phrase things sometimes. She’s a very open person and she’s not interested in converting me or anything like that. She knows I’m an atheist, but she asked [Read More...]

I Need to Go to the Next TAM…

So, this is how it works: 1) Go to The Amazing Meeting. 2) Get married. I thought it was just Rebecca who got married at James Randi’s convention, but behind the scenes, Kate was also working her magic. She gently breaks the news to the rest of us: … Remember how I went to TAM7 [Read More...]

Secondhand Atheist Dating

This post is by Jesse Galef – Here’s an interesting twist on a common question.  I’ve been asked several times whether I could date a religious girl. I can speak from experience (though with a sample size of one) that it didn’t work out well. She told me that her faith was a big part [Read More...]

Why Do Atheists Get Married? Asks Christian Woman

A reader — let’s call her Jane — is part of a message board where members discuss marriage and family. Jane recently posted that she and her husband needed marriage counseling because of communication problems. Some of the forum members suggested church counseling and Jane declined. She said she was an atheist and faith-based counseling [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Being Frank and Honest With My Girlfriend About My Atheism

Dear Richard, I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year and, even though she is not religious now, she has said she wants to return to the Christian faith she had as a child. Her strong connection to her religious family is a large part of that. Within the last two years, I’ve become a [Read More...]