eHarmony Backlash for Pseudo-Gay-Outreach

eHarmony is finally offering a dating service for gay people — though it’s not part of their flagship site. It’s a separate-but-equal site. They’re getting flak for it, though, from religious conservatives. Like this woman, for example: From: Jan Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 5:34 PM To: [Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder,] Subject: [Read More...]

Separate But Equal Dating

eHarmony hasn’t always been friendly to atheists and gays. It’s like the dating world’s version of the Boy Scouts. But thanks to a lawsuit, there will now be a gay version of eHarmony. It’s not *on* the same website… but it’ll be run by the company. It all makes perfect sense…: The settlement is the [Read More...]

Sexed Up Atheists

In case you wanted a way to catch up to the oversexified Christians, there’s now a new dating website for the non-religious. Sexed Up Atheists. Founder Claire writes this: … I hate the turn-key “atheist” dating sites that I find in searches for “atheist personals,” ugly, boring automated spin-offs of much larger dating networks., [Read More...]

Explain This “Saved from Abortion” Number

Here’s the first line of a recent news story: The 40 Days for Life campaign, a period of fasting and prayer to save babies from abortion, is in its final two weeks. If that was all they were doing, I wouldn’t care, because both of those things are ineffective ways to reach their goal. But [Read More...]

Carnivore vs. Christian

Question for you vegetarian atheists out there: Who would you be more likely to date: Someone who was religious or someone who ate meat? Does one matter more than the other? Are there varying degrees of religiosity or vegetarianism that you would condone? Personally, I find myself to be *much* more passionate about atheism than [Read More...]