What Should This Atheist Couple Do?

We have a relationship that could use some help. It comes from “Bob.” The setup: His girlfriend’s dad is subborn, conservative-but-science-inclined, and a partial geek. He doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but appreciates church for the community it provides and for “maintaining harmony in the household.” His girlfriend’s mom is a very devout Christian — [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Arabian Nights, American Days

I don’t know how much expertise you have when it comes to Islam and the Middle East, but here goes. I’m in the very beginning stages of what I suspect will develop into a relationship with a guy from Saudi Arabia. He spent some time in the U.S. as a child, seems pretty westernized, isn’t [Read More...]

What Are Your Atheist Dating Stories?

At the SSA conference in August, I plan to give a talk on Atheism and Dating. Specifically, I’d like to discuss whether an atheist and theist couple can make things work. Should they consider dating at all? Or should we try to avoid that at all costs? If you’ve made a theist/atheist relationship work, how [Read More...]

A Suggestion for Atheists Who Want to Come Out to Their Christian Partners

Reader Gryph offers a suggestion for new atheists (having recently left their faith) who are in relationships with Christians and want to come out to them: I’ve read several stories about how to deal with being in a relationship with someone after your own deconversion. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out [Read More...]

“Next Fall”: A Play About an Interfaith, Gay Romance

It’s not very surprising, I’ll admit, to see a gay relationship portrayed on a theater stage. But in this play, there’s a bigger twist: One of the men is a Christian; the other is an atheist. “Next Fall” is the play — opening night was tonight. It’s playing at the Playwrights Horizons in New York. [Read More...]