Adam and Eve

It’s Easter. So by some stretch of the imagination, this is relevant. And pretty amusing (via [tags]Adam, Eve, Bible, dating[/tags] [Read more...]

Marry an Atheist or Punch Yourself in the Eye… You Decide.

For many Christians, you’re in for one hell of a time when telling your family and friends your spouse is an atheist. It’s hard enough for atheists to come out to our own parents, but to tell the religious people in your life that you’re going to breed with a heathen, that’s gotta be rough. [Read More...]


As if MySpace didn’t have enough clones, Robert’s Thought’s (can someone explain the second apostrophe?) tells us about a new one: HisHolySpace. What is HHS? … separates itself from other online religious community sites, by only allowing those religions that follow [the aforementioned] Core Christian Essentials, to be promoted on the site. Anyone from [Read More...]


According to Sepia Mutiny, Desi (Indian) Atheists = Daytheists. The writer of this post, Ennis, says: I have a number of brown friends who are staunch, one might even say devout, atheists but you’d never know it because they are very private about their beliefs… when it comes to matters of religion and God, these [Read More...]

Freethinker Finder

Are you an atheist looking for love? Elaine Friedman writes in the Humanist Network News about her findings when talking to “secular singles” and mentioned one of the newest projects from the Infidel Guy: Freethinker Finder, a dating site specifically for non-religious people. Like Elaine says, the site’s biggest drawback is that it has not [Read More...]