A Suggestion for Atheists Who Want to Come Out to Their Christian Partners

Reader Gryph offers a suggestion for new atheists (having recently left their faith) who are in relationships with Christians and want to come out to them: I’ve read several stories about how to deal with being in a relationship with someone after your own deconversion. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out [Read More...]

“Next Fall”: A Play About an Interfaith, Gay Romance

It’s not very surprising, I’ll admit, to see a gay relationship portrayed on a theater stage. But in this play, there’s a bigger twist: One of the men is a Christian; the other is an atheist. “Next Fall” is the play — opening night was tonight. It’s playing at the Playwrights Horizons in New York. [Read More...]

Surprise Wedding Reception

Who needs a religious wedding day when you can have a wonderful impromptu reception (with no mention of a god, I might add)? This is sweet True story: I went to an American wedding a couple years ago… a break from the usual, traditional Indian ones I’m used to. The groom tossed the bride’s garter. [Read More...]

You’re Getting Married: What Do You Do With Your Last Name?

Reader Josh is getting married in a few weeks. He and his fiancé are both atheists. Her brother (also an atheist) is officiating. All the plans look to be on track. So what’s the problem? Josh writes: The only issue we have left is what to do about our last name. We are both progressive [Read More...]

The Problem with Buying Atheist Books

This is why I never get to go on dates with the cute women who work at Borders: Next time I buy hardcore atheist books, I’ll just include a copy of The Shack to confuse the hell out of the cashier. That’s when I’ll make my move. (via The Redheaded Skeptic) [Read more...]