What Child Milestones Can an Atheist Contribute?

Reader Claudia‘s friends are married and they just had their first child. The mom is a “mild Catholic” — the kind who does weddings, First Communions, funerals, and not much else — and the dad is an atheist. They made an agreement I don’t think a lot of atheists would agree to: No church wedding, [Read More...]

Pat Robertson Gives Dating Advice to Christian Engaged to Atheist

I know that everyone here looks to only two places for relationship advice: Savage Love and Pat Robertson. Robertson received a question from a newly-Christian woman who has been with her fiance for four years. He’s an atheist. She asks a heartfelt question, too: How do you think we can interact with each other peacefully [Read More...]

The View Ladies Discuss Atheism… It’ll Make Your Head Hurt

Because of The New York Times article on atheism the other day, the ladies of The View were discussing religion on Monday. You know this will be entertaining. Or painful. Maybe both. The question to open up the discussion: “What if your child married an atheist?” To recap: Sherri Shepherd says marrying an atheist would [Read More...]

When Interfaith Relationships Go Bad

I’ve posted before about atheists in relationships and dating someone religious. It doesn’t always end well. You date someone who is religious and says she’s fine with your atheism… then, later on, it blows up in your face. At least that’s the case for this reader, who just ended things with her girlfriend: There were [Read More...]

Atheist Groups Get Positive Press in Texas and Kansas

There was a nice article in the Dallas Morning News on Friday about Terry McDonald, chairman of the Metroplex Atheists. “When you tell someone you’re not a theist, it’s like saying I’m taking the issue that is closest to them and discrediting it,” said McDonald, chairman of Metroplex Atheists. The stigma attached to atheism, be [Read More...]