Atheists Can Now Perform Wedding Ceremonies… in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you’re getting married in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, it’s now legal to have an atheist conduct the ceremony! I know we have Humanist Celebrants who can do this already, but the Freedom From Religion Foundation has been approved as “the equivalent of an ordaining organization.” You don’t even need the Universal Life Church anymore… State [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Gay Atheist Insulted and Harassed by Three Family Members

Richard, I’ve been out as gay and atheist for quite a while now. I have a steady relationship with someone, and almost my entire family, which is entirely Catholic, has taken it in stride very well. However, my oldest sister and her husband and my grandfather are the complete opposite. They refuse to acknowledge my [Read More…]

I Suppose Atheists and Christians Have This in Common

This chart comes via OkCupid Trends. So many questions… Is this evidence that non-theists are more honest than some religious counterparts? Is this evidence that a small percentage of atheists and agnostics are liars? What’s the difference between the Protestants and the Catholics? Evangelicals and merely cultural Christians? Right now, they’re all lumped together… How [Read More…]

An Excerpt from Open All the Way: Confessions From My Open Marriage

“Sexie” Sadie Smythe has been writing stories about her open marriage for a couple years now on her website (NSFW). She’s also been telling them at BedPost Confessions, an event she hosts and organizes in Austin, TX. She’s honest, reflective, and a direct threat to anyone who thinks marriage must be a one-size-fits-all proposition. Her [Read More…]

It Must Be Worse in the Deep South…

Maggie Flynn reminds atheists about the perils of dating in a conservative city like Nashville: The wine arrived. As if to demonstrate how moderation worked, Matthew poured me half a glass, which I definitely saw as half-empty. “Are you religious?” he asked. “Not really.” “But you believe in God?” I drained my wine glass and [Read More…]