Why Do Atheists Get Married? Asks Christian Woman

A reader — let’s call her Jane — is part of a message board where members discuss marriage and family. Jane recently posted that she and her husband needed marriage counseling because of communication problems. Some of the forum members suggested church counseling and Jane declined. She said she was an atheist and faith-based counseling [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Being Frank and Honest With My Girlfriend About My Atheism

Dear Richard, I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year and, even though she is not religious now, she has said she wants to return to the Christian faith she had as a child. Her strong connection to her religious family is a large part of that. Within the last two years, I’ve become a [Read More...]

OKCupid: Astrology is Useless and It Pays to Not Take Religious Beliefs Seriously

The last time dating website OKCupid released data about its users, we discovered that saying you’re an atheist can help you get a date! Recently, they released a few more charts that are revealing both for what they tell us and don’t tell us. For example, a lot of people put their astrological sign on [Read More...]

Can You Be Alone with Someone of the Opposite Sex if You’re Married?

A few months ago, I heard a story about a woman working at a Christian summer camp who needed a ride back to her cabin. Her co-worker (a male) was there and also needed a ride. Her boss (a male) had a car with one seat available. The co-worker suggested (rightly, I believe) that he [Read More...]

OKCupid: Mentioning Atheism Leads to Higher Response Rates

Dating website OKCupid ran an analysis of emails sent by people making first-contact with someone else. They wanted to know which words/phrases were more or less likely to generate a response from the other person. (They compared all results to the overall average response rate of 32%.) We analyzed over 500,000 first contacts on our [Read More...]