Misleading Christian Dating Ads

I understand the need for dating websites to advertise their existence, but they really need to figure out who their audience is… I’m pretty sure these are not the “good Christian girls” you are told to look for in church: They’ll never do. I mean, where are their cross necklaces? At least one website caters [Read More...]

Iraq Rewards Interreligious Marriage

by Jesse Galef Cash reward up front: in all of America’s efforts to encourage and promote marriage, it’s something our government hasn’t tried.  You would think that in the land of both manic capitalism and manic religiosity we would have come up with the idea first, but we were beaten to it.  By whom, you [Read More...]

Ask Richard: I’m In Love With My Friend

Richard, I will try to make this succinct. I am 28 years old. In the last year, I have admitted to myself both that I was an atheist and that my wife and I were no longer in love. We have been separated for about seven months now with a divorce in process. There have [Read More...]

Ask Richard: My Korean Girlfriend Keeps Asking Me to Come to Church

Dear Richard, My girlfriend recently asked me to come to church with her. She’s from Korea, and she doesn’t speak first-rate English, so she doesn’t know how to phrase things sometimes. She’s a very open person and she’s not interested in converting me or anything like that. She knows I’m an atheist, but she asked [Read More...]

I Need to Go to the Next TAM…

So, this is how it works: 1) Go to The Amazing Meeting. 2) Get married. I thought it was just Rebecca who got married at James Randi’s convention, but behind the scenes, Kate was also working her magic. She gently breaks the news to the rest of us: … Remember how I went to TAM7 [Read More...]