Skeptical Valentines for a Good Cause

In order to raise money for Skepticon 4 later this year, the team members there are creating handmade “Skepticards” for Valentine’s Day: As a math person, I really like the 95% one, though I would prefer the wording: “You’re more than three standard deviations above the mean in Awesomeness.” (By the way, they’ll also make [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Snags in Planning an Atheist-Catholic Wedding

Hey Richard, I’m a 24 year old Graduate Student who is engaged to a wonderful and beautiful woman. We love each other very much but we are having a difficult time organizing our wedding. I am an Atheist and she is a catholic. I was raised in the Catholic church (which is why I am [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Christian Concerned About Her Husband’s “Fundamentalist” Atheism

Hi Richard, Thanks for reading. My husband of one year doesn’t believe in God and I do. As we were both moderate people this never caused a problem before. I’m getting a bit alarmed though by his increasing involvement in what I would call “fundamentalist atheism.” I call it that because of the striking resemblance [Read More…]

Ask Richard: Should I Help My Boyfriend Fool His Parents, or Not?

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Richard, I always thought that I had it pretty easy as an atheist and that I’d never have to write one of these e-mails, but I guess I’ve made it to my first big atheist milestone. I’m a sophomore in college and I’ve been an [Read More…]

How to Kill the Mood

If you go to the Cyanide & Happiness website, you can see an amusing punchline. Something only an atheist would say I gotta find a way to use that line on someone… [Read more…]