Yes to Everything About This Wedding Ceremony

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Don’t Be Ashamed

It’s disturbing because it implies that people should feel bad when they do it… Glad s/he figured out there’s nothing wrong with it. (via PostSecret) [Read more…]

Even Boys Can Be Victims of Christians’ Unhealthy Views About Sex

Usually, when we hear about Christian views on sexual “purity,” modesty, abstinence, and relationships, it’s associated with women. But boys in Christian families are subject to it, too. That’s why you need to read this post by Kylar D. at Recovering Grace. Check out how his father talked to him about sex and how it [Read More…]

What Would Happen if a Mormon Woman Fell for an Atheist Philosopher…?

This is the first line of a description for the book A Lost Argument: A Latter-Day Novel (Strange Violin Editions): The summer after her freshman year at all-Mormon Brigham Young University, Marguerite Farnsworth falls in love with philosophy by way of falling in love with an atheist philosophy student. Blasphemous! I like where this is [Read More…]

Are Fewer Weddings Being Presided Over By Church Leaders?

The Washington Post reported on a trend last week that might be linked to a decline in religious influence as well as the growth in secular values: It looks like more couples are having their friends preside at their weddings instead of members of the clergy. Their decision to forgo the more traditional route is [Read More…]