Atheist Dating Stories

The Happy New Atheist shares this story: Here’s an email I received after one date with a nice Catholic woman. We had a great first date, went wine tasting and then to dinner. She said she would love to go out again. So I asked a few days later, and here is the response: I [Read More...]

Christian Q & A Pages

Max suggests that this site offers some reading amusement. I agree. It debunks all those crazy atheist claims. Including some that no atheists actually say (like “Atheists have Proven God Does Not Exist. Right?”). Here’s the conclusion to “If God Created Everything, Who Created God?” God has no need to have been created, since He [Read More...]

Your Daughter Can Date Me Now!

A recent Zogby International poll had some fascinating results dealing with prejudice. One result: 42% believe Americans would be most concerned about their child dating a Muslim; followed by an atheist (17%), and a Mormon (14%). We’re not the scariest people to bring home with you! Time to celebrate. I’m *so* going back to [Read More...]

eHarmony Saying No to Atheists?

Rick Gershman of the St. Petersburg Times had a problem when he used the dating site eHarmony. But not for the normal reason. What’s the normal reason? eHarmony doesn’t let you search for a match if you’re gay or lesbian. That’s due to founder Neil Clark Warren being a conservative Christian. According to a USA [Read More...]

Adam and Eve

It’s Easter. So by some stretch of the imagination, this is relevant. And pretty amusing (via [tags]Adam, Eve, Bible, dating[/tags] [Read more...]