Carnivore vs. Christian

Question for you vegetarian atheists out there: Who would you be more likely to date: Someone who was religious or someone who ate meat? Does one matter more than the other? Are there varying degrees of religiosity or vegetarianism that you would condone? Personally, I find myself to be *much* more passionate about atheism than [Read More...]

Interview with American Teen‘s Hannah Bailey

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to catch a screening of a new documentary, American Teen, a movie being called a “modern day Breakfast Club.” I loved the movie. Maybe it has something to do with having just taught at a high school similar to the one in the film, but I also [Read More...]

Excellence in Education from a Christian Perspective

That’s the tag line for A Beka Book company (owned by Pensacola Christian College). They provide textbooks for fundamentalist Christian homeschooling parents. They’re not too bad when it comes to Math (PDF): The text presents a Scriptural view of working, tithing, saving, paying taxes, and budgeting time and money and gives a positive introduction to [Read More...]

Thinking About Dating an Atheist?

A reader of this site has a dilemma. He just posted a profile on Part of his profile states that he’s an atheist. Right away, this is like kryptonite to a lot of potential dates who may not know what that means but see “atheist” as a dirty word. He writes: If we were [Read More...]

Stuff Christians Like

Taking a page (umm… rather, the whole book) from the hugely-popular Stuff White People Like, we now have Stuff Christians Like. And what do they like…? #140. Telling the pastor what his kids have been up to. #129. Chick-fil-A #97. Getting angry that Ned Flanders slept with that girl. #67. Editing Pop Culture. #53. Saying [Read More...]