Catholic and Atheist on a Date

The date was set up by the New York Post. The guy, Dan, is an atheist. The girl, Kristen, is a Catholic. This should end well. Let’s see what happens. Here’s Kristen: As we were talking, Dan asked about the cross around my neck. I knew wearing a cross on a first date was going [Read More...]

All the Things Girls Never Knew About Sex

If you ever get a chance to give a reading in public, here’s the piece for you. It’s titled: “If sex feels so good, why do I feel so bad?” … close your eyes and think of a guy who is really hot – someone you would really like to go out with. Now imagine [Read More...]

My Parents Won’t Know How to React

In terms of dating someone, race/culture has never mattered to me as much as the person herself. It’s not like I’m that cultural, anyway. But it’s never been a secret to me that my parents would prefer a brown, at-least-partially-religious bride. After my experience with the Indian matrimonial site, I was convinced that finding [Read More...]

Highlights from Harding University

I spent the day at Harding University (A Church of Christ affiliated school) in Searcy, Arkansas and gave a talk to the students/faculty in the evening about my book and atheism in general. Here are some of the highlights: The students gave me a great opportunity to talk about my story on their “home turf,” [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance in the News

The organization I chair, the Secular Student Alliance, was featured in The (Daily) Gazette of Schenectady, NY. Unfortunately, the article is inaccessible online, but enjoy the copy I received through email: Not too long ago, August Brunsman IV was working out of computer labs and coffee shops in Columbus, Ohio, trying to build a network [Read More...]