Fibonacci Is Pretty Amazing

And Vi Hart is amazinger: [Read more...]

My Talk About Math Education from Skepticon IV

I gave a talk at Skepticon IV about the problems with math education and they already have it up online! (Nice work, HamboneProductions.) Hope you like it. [Read more...]

A Secular Wedding Ceremony from Start to Finish

Reader Dennis and his wife Holly got married in July. The ceremony was secular — and from what you’re about to see, everything about it was awesome You want to see how a non-religious wedding works from start to finish? Keep reading. First, Dennis explains their story: A longtime friend of mine performed our ceremony [Read More...]

A Young Mathemagician

Ethan Brown is only 12, but his ability to do tricks using mental math is incredible. At last week’s Skepticamp in New Hampshire, Ethan created a 4 x 4 magic square after audience members filled in some of the boxes for him at random. And he even found a way to get the columns and [Read More...]

Your Math for the Day

Can God create a math problem so hard that even He can’t solve it? Let’s find out. … And I love this equation the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Dan Barker sent to Jerry Coyne (almost as an afterthought) in an email about religious accommodation and why science and religion are not compatible: Here’s an equation: [Read More...]