Church Wants You To Add a Zero to Your Contributions

Adidas recently tried to trademark the term “adiZero” for a new line of footwear/clothing… but the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office denied the request. Why? Because it’s dangerously close to a phrase the Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Zion, Illinois has already trademarked: “Add a zero.” As in: Add a zero to the amount you’re [Read More...]

Fibonacci Is Pretty Amazing

And Vi Hart is amazinger: [Read more...]

My Talk About Math Education from Skepticon IV

I gave a talk at Skepticon IV about the problems with math education and they already have it up online! (Nice work, HamboneProductions.) Hope you like it. [Read more...]

A Secular Wedding Ceremony from Start to Finish

Reader Dennis and his wife Holly got married in July. The ceremony was secular — and from what you’re about to see, everything about it was awesome You want to see how a non-religious wedding works from start to finish? Keep reading. First, Dennis explains their story: A longtime friend of mine performed our ceremony [Read More...]

A Young Mathemagician

Ethan Brown is only 12, but his ability to do tricks using mental math is incredible. At last week’s Skepticamp in New Hampshire, Ethan created a 4 x 4 magic square after audience members filled in some of the boxes for him at random. And he even found a way to get the columns and [Read More...]