Thanks for your help!

About a month ago I posted here asking for y’all’s help on a research paper I was doing on atheists’ experiences as outsiders here in America. It was for a seminary class on “outsider” religious groups in America, and my hope for the paper was to persuade my professor to include a segment on atheists [Read More…]

Help Haiti

Hey friends, Mike Clawson here. I’m sure most of you know by now about the massive and devastating earthquake that struck the impoverished nation of Haiti yesterday evening. I was at the gym yesterday and saw it on CNN minutes after it happened, and my stomach just dropped. Some of you may remember that I [Read More…]

The Unattended Children’s Cookbook

Seen yesterday at the Texas Renaissance Faire: It was sitting on top of this: [Read more…]

Questions for Atheists: Church, State and Social Justice

Mike Clawson here… So some of you know that I am currently back in graduate school working towards a PhD in Religious History. This affords me lots of opportunity to read fascinating books and contemplate interesting ideas, unfortunately it doesn’t often afford me much time to actually write about any of them, either here or [Read More…]

Science or Sexism?

Mike Clawson here… I just wanted to call your attention to an interesting set of articles I recently encountered. This one by Lauren Sandler cites a few scientific studies (including one highlighted by Richard Dawkins, and another conducted by Michael Shermer) to suggest that women are more religious than men because they are evolutionarily, biologically, [Read More…]