NJ Borough Will Remove Display Honoring Christian Soldiers After Pressure from Atheists

Not all veterans bow down to the Christian God, which is why this memorial was a slap in the face to non-Christian soldiers.


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Trump’s Second Nominee for Army Secretary, Mark E. Green, Withdraws In Wake of Anti-LGBT Comments

Mark E. Green has said “transgender is a disease” (quoting unnamed psychiatrists) and even sponsored anti-trans legislation as a state senator from Tennessee.


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Donald Trump Repeated a Lie About Military Hospitals Preventing Soldiers From Receiving Bibles

Donald Trump defended yesterday’s “religious freedom” executive order by talking about soldiers who were unable to receive Bibles when they wanted them.

That whole story was a lie.


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PA City Agrees to Replace Veterans Memorial Bench That Denigrates Atheists (For Real This Time)

A city bench that insulted atheists will finally be removed after the threat of a lawsuit.


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The Department of Defense Is Finally Recognizing Humanism and Deism Alongside Other Beliefs

This is a big deal for those atheists in foxholes who have been forced to define themselves by what they don’t believe in.


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