Rock Beyond Belief Featured on PBS’ Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

If you’re watching Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly on PBS this weekend, you’ll catch this fantastic piece from correspondent Lucky Severson on Rock Beyond Belief. The segment covers the need for secular chaplains as well as the problems with the military’s “spiritual fitness” tests: Justin Griffith: It went on and on telling me that I need [Read More…]

Air Force Leaves Evangelism Decisions Up To Hotel Managers

The Air Force Services Agency (AFSA), which, among other things, manages hotels on Air Force bases, has removed a requirement to place Bibles in hotels. Now, it’s up to the managers to decide which religion, if any, they wish to promote. The Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers (my main job, see bio), reported the [Read More…]

More Background on Patrick Greene, the Atheist-Activist-Turned-Christian

Hemant Mehta covered Patrick Greene earlier, prior to new information that has come to light. … The headline goes “Patrick Greene, Longtime Atheist, Announces Conversion to Christianity”. Hmm… what is this new lock-tight argument for Christianity that has converted an atheist? Apparently a few hundred dollars in donations to help him with his vision made [Read More…]

Rock Beyond Belief Summary (with Video of Richard Dawkins’ Speech)

Richard ∑wald at Atheist Nexus has a terrific roundup (with pictures) of this past weekend’s Rock Beyond Belief rally: Like the Reason Rally, Rock Beyond Belief served many purposes, first and for most a statement. Here’s were the two events have a slight divergence. The Reason Rally’s “you are not alone” and, “we’re here, we’re [Read More…]

Rock Beyond Belief Happening on Saturday

Rock Beyond Belief is happening on Saturday, a one-of-a-kind event that honors atheists in the military. You would think this wouldn’t be controversial, but no doubt you’re still going to hear pushback against the very idea that godless people would ever risk their lives for a cause greater than themselves. Anyway, AronRa created this awesome [Read More…]