Air Force Officer Under Investigation After Years of Keeping an Open, Highlighted Bible on His Desk

If a lance corporal was said to be out of line for putting unlabeled Bible verses all over her workspace, then surely having an open, highlighted Bible at your desk is even worse. That’s what Major Steve Lewis at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs has done for the past several years, and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is now trying to put a stop to it.


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Right-Wing Media Wrongly Says a Marine Was Punished for the Bible Verses on Her Desk

Several conservative websites are running a story about how Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling was punished for exercising her Christian faith. However, a closer look at the story shows that her disobedience, not her religion, was the reason she was given a bad-conduct discharge.


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Air Force May Revise Rules to Allow Christian Flag-Folding Ceremonies, Despite Lawsuit Threat

If Air Force personnel are involved in a flag-folding ceremony on an Air Force base, even at a retirement party, is that an official event with secular rules or a private event where Christianity can be promoted?

That’s the question at the heart of a recent controversy.

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Ban on Transgender Military Service Will End July 1

In a huge moment for transgender visibility in the United States, the national ban on transgender people serving openly in the military is expected to be lifted on July 1.


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Sky News’ Alastair Bruce Claims in Recent Broadcast That There Are No Atheists in Foxholes

While our friends in Britain are celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday, one commentator on Sky News was busy slandering atheists.

During a segment in which the anchors were talking about recent demographic changes, anchor Colin Brazier brought up that, over the Queen’s reign, they’ve seen a significant drop in the percentage of Christians (despite the Queen being a Christian). In fact, one analysis last month found that there are now more people in England and Wales without religion than there are all Christians combined.

Reporter Alastair Bruce accepted those numbers, but went on to give a lengthy response that boiled down to the old “There are no atheists in foxholes” lie:


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