FOX News Declares Obama Anti-Christian… For Air Force’s Decision to Keep Church and State Separate

In a dairy for the Daily Kos, Chris Rodda explains how, a couple years ago, she heard about how the American military was taking part in evangelical Christian events — a blatant violation of church/state separation. The military was regularly providing flyovers at countless evangelical Christian events all over the country, not only violating the [Read More...]

The Nation on Rediscovering Secular America

Atheists get some wonderful press in the most recent edition of The Nation. Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel writes about “Rediscovering Secular America” and the Secular Coalition for America is at the center of the piece: Within a week the Coalition approached Obama. They let him know they had never been part of that “list” [of [Read More...]

Small Victories for a Military Atheist

Occasionally, I get emails that are both thrilling and depressing all at once. This certainly qualifies. It comes from Cadet Captain “Bob,” who is part of an Army JROTC program at his high school. He recently took part in an extra-curricular quiz bowl activity (similar to Jeopardy!) that resulted in his team making it to [Read More...]

Which Group Just Joined the Secular Coalition for America?

As of last week, the members of the Secular Coalition for America — the group in Washington D.C. that lobbies on behalf of the non-religious — included the following nine organizations: American Ethical Union American Humanist Association Atheist Alliance International Camp Quest Freedom From Religion Foundation Institute for Humanist Studies Military Association of Atheists and [Read More...]

Would You Allow Your Child to Join the Military?

In response to the post Would You Allow Your Child to Join the Boy Scouts of America?, many of you said no because you disapprove of their discriminatory ways. Plainfieldrob raises an interesting point, though. If you say no to joining the Boy Scouts, what about the military? They also discriminate against gays, and while [Read More...]