Military Official Claims “God Bless” Sign on Base is Secular

“May the Force be with the military, their families, and the civilians who work with them.”

The above is one of nine new signs the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is requesting on Marine Corps Base Hawaii. They would join the only current religious sign on the base, which reads “God bless the military, their families, and the civilians who work with them.”

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Maryland Air Force Contractor Fired for “Bringing Demons Into the Office”


Got witches?

Are you and your staff quite out of your Constitutionally derelict minds?

With that best-ever opening to a church-state separation letter, attorney Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation notified Air Force officials that it’s time for them to get out of the witch-hunting business and give Deborah Schoenfeld back her her dental technician job.

The Air Force Times reports:

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is representing a former Air Force contractor who says she was fired from a dental clinic at Fort Meade, Maryland, after complaining that her co-workers discriminated against her because she was Hindu.  She claims they then accused her of being a witch.

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“Atheist in Foxholes” Monument in Madison Honors Non-Religious Veterans

Now outside the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s headquarters is this 4,743-pound granite monument:

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Historic Army Ranger Graduation Ceremony Included Long Prayer to Jesus

You may have heard about how 1st Lt. Shaye Haver and Capt. Kristen Griest recently became the first women to graduate the U.S. Army Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia.

What you may not have heard was that their graduation began with a long homage to Jesus:

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The Army Keeps Denying Heathens Official Recognition for No Good Reason

The United States Army has infringed on the rights of minority religious groups before, but this time, they risk being smitten by the hammer of Thor.

For the past six years, Heathens (their word) in the Army have been fighting for official recognition of their religion, which modernizes traditional Norse, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon beliefs in gods like Odin and Freyja and an afterlife in the warrior’s paradise Valhalla. While the Air Force began recognizing Heathens last year, the other branches of the U.S. Military have not followed suit. In January, the Army briefly approved Heathen and Asatru (the Norse word for the religion), but reversed its position a few days later.

The Army’s refusal to recognize Heathens puts its followers in a frustrating state of limbo:

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