Podcast Ep. 169: This is What Atheist Persecution Looks Like

We also discussed “Breatharians,” the woman who refused to change plane seats to accommodate the sexism of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men, and the Catholic Church’s cruelty against suffering people.


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Podcast Ep. 168: The Rise of the Religious Left

We also discussed the cruelty of praying for a dead man to come back to life, Walgreen’s bizarre policy for pharmacists who don’t want to do their jobs, and the french fries that offended a conservative Christian.


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Podcast Ep. 167: Bernie Sanders Asked the Wrong Questions

We spoke about Bernie Sanders’ misguided questioning of an evangelical nominee to a major government position and a New York high school that accommodated Muslim students who wanted to pray during Ramadan.


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Podcast Ep. 166: Evangelicals Don’t Care Unless It Affects Them Personally

We spoke about Donald Trump’s exit from the Paris climate agreement, evangelicals who use Planned Parenthood, and the women-only Wonder Woman screenings that have some men very very angry.


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Podcast Ep. 165: Ron Miscavige, Author of Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me

I spoke with Ron about whether his son knows that the Church’s beliefs aren’t real, why Scientology is so appealing to some people, and how he managed to break out of the bubble.


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