Podcast Ep. 144: Rebecca Hensler, Founder of Grief Beyond Belief

Our latest podcast guest is Rebecca Hensler, the founder of Grief Beyond Belief, a Facebook group devoted to faith-free grief support for those who have just lost a loved one.


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Podcast Ep. 143: Galen Broaddus, Secular Celebrant and Lawsuit Winner

Our latest podcast guest is Galen Broaddus, an atheist who just won a lawsuit that will allow Secular Celebrants to solemnize weddings in the state. I spoke with Galen about why this lawsuit was necessary, what services he provides families as a Celebrant, and why some atheists wish he never took on this battle at all.


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Podcast Ep. 142: Answering Questions from Atheists

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I answered several questions atheists said they had trouble answering.

The questions include: Should you be vocal about your atheism in the South? Is it okay to have your child baptized to please your parents? And could you ever date someone who was religious?


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Podcast Ep. 141: Ryan McKnight, Founder of MormonWikileaks

Our latest podcast guest is Ryan McKnight, founder of the website MormonWikileaks. The site launched this past week as a “safe, secure, and anonymous way to submit documents, videos, or any other information regarding the Church.”

I spoke with Ryan about why he left the Mormon Church, why he hopes to achieve by exposing the Church’s secrets, and what the ultimate secret would be.


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Podcast Ep. 140: The Producers of the Documentary We Believe in Dinosaurs

Our latest podcast guests are Monica Long Ross and Amy Ellison, two of the producers at 137 Films, a non-profit production company based in Chicago that promotes science through storytelling.

Their latest project, currently in post-production, is called We Believe in Dinosaurs, all about Noah’s Ark, Creationism, and America’s troubled relationship with science.


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