This Version of Pat Robertson Interviewing Trump is Creepier Than the Original

Pat Robertson’s interview with Donald Trump was a complete was of time, but at least Vic Berger’s rendition of it is more tolerable to watch.


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Podcast Ep. 174: We Worship God, Says the Confused President

We also spoke about the transgender military ban, “reverse” abortions, and whether a Catholic church is really as gay-inclusive as it suggests.


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Knoxville (TN) Leaders Furious Over Removal of Police Dept.’s Christian Sign

After a Christian sign was removed from a police station’s hallway, one local pastor wondered, “Where does this anarchy end?”


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Pensacola Taxpayers Have Spent Over $130,000 (So Far) To Defend Giant Cross

If Pensacola officials were smart, they’d stop fighting this battle now.

Then again, if they were smart, they would’ve done what the atheists requested a long time ago.


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Atheist Groups Condemn Donald Trump for Lack of Outreach to Their Communities

I realize there are 2094324123 happening in Washington, D.C. right now more relevant than Donald Trump’s relationship with the atheist community, but a President is supposed to be able to handle multiple issues at once and he always seems to make time to reach out to evangelical Christians.


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