Malaysia’s Thieving Prime Minister Backs Islamic Penal Code, Including Amputation and Stoning

In Malaysia, the religion of peace slowly went from a toehold to a chokehold.


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House Republican Uses Bible to Condemn Colleagues Supporting a Pro-LGBT Amendment to Spending Bill

It’s no surprise that House Republicans can’t seem to get anything done, but it looks like they’ll pull together if it means discriminating against LGBT people.

Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA)

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A Georgia Mayor Can’t Decide if a War Memorial with 79 Crosses is an Endorsement of Christianity

Here’s a simple question: If you see crosses on the ground like in the picture below, as part of a memorial for veterans, what comes to mind?


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Two More Candidates for Public Office from Arizona Just Came Out As Non-Religious

Arizona is really making a name for itself as a place where open atheists aren’t afraid to run for political office. Two more candidates filed their paperwork today, mentioning their atheism in public statements.

Beth and Mikel Weisser

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Satirical CAIR Commercial Promotes “Islamophobin,” a Pill To Cure Anti-Muslim Dread

For various reasons, I’ve never been a fan of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. But this new video, produced by that Muslim advocacy group, uses humor to convey CAIR’s anti-Islamophobia message.


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