Will AR Legislator Pay the Legal Fees if His Christian Monument is Declared Illegal? He Won’t Say

Tomorrow on KARK-TV in Arkansas, the local news will air a debate between State Sen. Jason Rapert (who wrote legislation allowing a Ten Commandments monument to go up on Capitol grounds) and Lucien Greaves (The Satanic Temple spokesperson who has submitted an application to install a Baphomet statue next to the Christian monument).

We have an early copy of the audio, and in a remarkable exchange, Rapert refused to answer whether he would personally pay the legal fees if his monument was declared illegal, which means he’s willing to waste taxpayer dollars on an action that experts have already said is unconstitutional.


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U.S. State Department Official Calls for Repeal of Blasphemy Laws Around the World

David Saperstein, an Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom at the U.S. Department of State, has an important, aggressive recommendation at the department’s blog: Blasphemy laws around the world need to be abolished.


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Pious Mississippi Mayor Who Said He Could “Pray Potholes Away” Accused of Sexual Harassment

Remember Tony Yarber? He’s the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi who said on Twitter last year that he could pray away the potholes in his city. That pious guy, who also runs a local church, just got accused of sexual harassment by one of his employees.


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Baptist Convention Leaders Are “Losing Sleep” Because Kansas City Taxpayers Won’t Give Them $65,000

Back in April, the Kansas City Council (in Missouri) unanimously approved a $65,000 grant to Modest Miles Ministry so it could host the National Baptist Convention. Tax dollars were literally being used to promote religion. But after an atheist group filed a lawsuit over the issue, the Baptists aren’t getting the money and they’re not sure how to make up the deficit.

KC - Approval MinutesPg6

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Atheists Are Suing Pennsylvania House Members Who Said They Couldn’t Give an Invocation

Several atheists, with the help of two church/state separation groups, have filed a federal lawsuit against representatives of the Pennsylvania House after they were denied the opportunity to deliver a secular invocation there multiple times.

A rabbi delivers a PA House invocation in 2013

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