Religious Right Leader Rattles Off His Christmas Wish List in Cringeworthy Video

In a video released by the Family Policy Alliance (formerly known as CitizenLink and still affiliated with Focus on the Family), host Stuart Shepard gloats about Donald Trump‘s Electoral College victory by rattling off his Christmas wish list.


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Anti-Vaxxers Are Thrilled to Finally Have an Ally in the White House

One of the many ways in which President-elect Donald Trump has already shown signs of being a disaster for the science community is how he talks about vaccines. Not only did his foundation once give $10,000 to Jenny McCarthy‘s anti-vaccination organization, he has consistently perpetuated the lie that vaccines lead to autism, a conspiracy that has never been confirmed with evidence and which has been firmly discredited by experts. No wonder the anti-science movement feels emboldened with Trump in the White House.


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Religious Right Leader: If Hillary Clinton Were Elected, She Would Have Criminalized Christianity

American Family Association president Tim Wildmon posted a video yesterday in which he celebrated the election of Donald Trump because it meant avoiding a huge catastrophe! After all, if Hillary Clinton got elected, Christianity would have been penalized and criminalized. (Obviously.)


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A Memorable Letter to the Editor Asks What It Really Means to Convert to Christianity These Days

How about a slow clap for Jim Keller of West Reading, Pennsylvania for an excellent letter to the editor?


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Preacher Speaks in Tongues in Mississippi Church to Celebrate Defeat of “Jezebel” Hillary Clinton

Members of the Evangel Temple in Meridian, Mississippi spoke in Jesus gibberish recently to celebrate the election of a thrice-married con artist (a.k.a. God’s Chosen Candidate) and the defeat of “Jezebel” Hillary Clinton.


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