This Fox News Conversation About the New Pledge of Allegiance Law in Florida is Infuriating

When it comes to reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools, the rules are simple: If you want to say it, fine. If you don’t, fine. No one can force to stand up, put your hand over your heart, or say it at all.


But try telling that to the people at Fox News, who held a conversation about a new Pledge law in Florida with no regard for the facts.

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A Match Made in Hate-Heaven: Evangelical Leaders Want to Meet with Donald Trump

I guess it only makes sense that people known for their despicable treatment of LGBT people want to meet the presidential candidate known for his despicable treatment of practically everybody else.


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Port Neches (TX) Keeps Cross in Public Park By Selling That Tiny Portion of Land to a Local Church

This is the Christian cross you’ll see if you visit the Port Neches RiverFront Park in Texas.


It’s by itself. There are no other religious symbols in the area. And it’s been there for nearly five decades. But as we’ve said many times before on this site, tradition doesn’t matter if something shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

As it stands, the city has figured out a way around the problem.

They’re not taking down the cross.

They’re just selling off that teeny, tiny parcel of land on which the cross sits to a local church. For $100.

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An Open Atheist, Suing to Remove Cross from Pensacola (Florida) Park, is Running for Congress

In the race for U.S. Congress from Florida’s 1st District, the primaries don’t take place until late August, but there’s already a war of words between two of the contenders over a Christian cross on public property.

Actually, I take that back. It’s more like the most prominent Republican in the field wants everyone to know that one of his possible Democratic opponents is an atheist.

The cross in question has been up in Pensacola’s Bayview Park for the past 50 years. The American Humanist Association and Freedom From Religion Foundation recently filed a joint lawsuit to have it removed.

One of the atheist plaintiffs in that suit is Amanda Kondrat’yev, one of two Democrats running for that seat in Congress.


Her potential Republican opponent Matt Gaetz, currently a state representative, wants to challenge her views in public:

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Kim Davis: I Ignored the Supreme Court Decision Because “That’s Not a Law, That’s a Ruling”

Rowan County clerk Kim Davis, who made headlines last summer for denying marriage licenses to gay couples even after the Supreme Court had struck down bans on marriage equality, told D. James Kennedy Ministries President Frank Wright that she was absolutely justified in her actions.

That’s because, to her, the Supreme Court has no real authority:


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