Sam Harris’ Critics Are Misrepresenting His Words in an Effort to Discredit Him

If you have to lie about your opponents’ positions in order to discredit their views, it says far more about you than them.


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Supreme Court Says Taxpayer Money Can Fund Certain Church Projects

What church/state separation advocates feared has come to pass: The Supreme Court ruled today 7-2 that taxpayer money can be used to support church projects that are ostensibly secular. If the government makes a grant available to the public and churches qualify for it, they can’t be ruled out simply because they’re religious.


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Christian Radio Host: The U.S. Should Ban Jehovah’s Witnesses Like Russia Did

Christian radio host Rick Wiles only cares about religious freedom when it applies to his faith.


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Podcast Ep. 169: This is What Atheist Persecution Looks Like

We also discussed “Breatharians,” the woman who refused to change plane seats to accommodate the sexism of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men, and the Catholic Church’s cruelty against suffering people.


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California’s “Travel Ban” Against Anti-LGBT States Isn’t Hypocritical At All

You may have seen that California has enacted its own version of Donald Trump’s controversial “travel ban,” limiting state-sponsored visits to Texas and a number of other states in response to their anti-LGBT laws. But contrary to what critics say, it’s not a form of hypocrisy at all.


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