Right-Winger: Megyn Kelly’s Ratings Stink Because Liberal Men Are “All Gay”

Right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root knows why Megyn Kelly is struggling at NBC. Her male viewers are “all gay.” They’re also “too busy worrying about the poor.”

(Really. He said that.)


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Georgia Mayor Lashes Out at Atheist Who Criticized “In God We Trust” on Cop Cars

After an atheist told the mayor of Grovetown, Georgia that he didn’t think putting “In God We Trust” on the backs of police cars was a good idea, the exchange went sour quickly.

It ended with the mayor telling him, “Do not email me again or I will seek a warrant for your arrest.”


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Iowa GOP Leader: Atheists Are Lying By Quoting Me Verbatim

If Tamara Scott doesn’t like the way she comes across, she should stop saying idiotic things. It’s as simple as that.


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Christian Right Leader: Gay Marriage is a “Demonic Happening in our Midst”

At the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa this past weekend, Pastor Jim Garlow didn’t hesitate to slam marriage equality.

Because of all the problems we have in the country, that’s really the priority.


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Christian Writer: Barack Obama Was “America’s Worst President”

Conservative commentator Larry Tomczak makes his case for why Barack Obama was “America’s Worst President.”

(Spoiler: It involves the word “gayification.”)


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