GOP Lawmaker (a Proud Christian): Those Opposing Confederate Monuments Should Be Lynched

It’s bad enough when a GOP legislator calls for Confederate monuments to remain in place.

It’s even worse when he says people who disagree should be punished like the slaves who were murdered in his state.


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Even the Church of Satan Was Weirded Out By Donald Trump Touching a Glowing Orb

Go home, everyone. The Church of Satan has won the internet.


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Fabio: All Women Need Guns Because California “Is Releasing All The Rapists”

Critical thinking: Not one of Fabio’s strong suits.


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Notre Dame Students Proudly Walked Out During Mike Pence’s Commencement Address

Mike Pence robotically continued his speech as if nothing was happening around him… much like he does while serving as VP.


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Trump Says Terrorists “Do Not Worship God,” Calls Islam One of “World’s Great Faiths”

While Donald Trump took a more moderate tone when speaking in Saudi Arabia today, his swing in policy and past rhetoric was certainly extreme.


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