E.W. Jackson: If After School Satan Clubs Exist, Public Schools Must Promote Christianity

Because After School Satan clubs are allowed to exist at public schools, conservative Pastor E. W. Jackson thinks that public schools ought to be preaching Christianity during the day. That means mandatory prayers and Bible readings.


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Judges Rule in Favor of Student-Delivered Christian Invocations at TX District’s Board Meetings

My fear is that this practice will now spread, and school board meetings will become yet another extension of local churches.


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Christian Extremist Says Conservative Tomi Lahren Should Be Executed for Defending Abortion Rights

After conservative commentator Tomi Lahren defended abortion rights, leading to her suspension from Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, extremist Theodore Shoebat turned it up to 11 by calling for her execution. He’s so pro-life, he wants abortion defenders dead.


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Tennessee Republicans Want the Phrase “In God We Trust” on Every License Plate in the State

If a couple of GOP Tennessee legislators get their way, every license plate in the state will soon say “In God We Trust.”


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Islamic Cleric: The Simpsons Episode “Predicting” Trump’s Presidency Is a Plot to Discredit Allah

This cleric thinks an old Simpsons episode that coincidentally mentioned “President” Trump is part of a larger conspiracy to shake your Muslim faith.


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