Ohio Republicans Now Want Burials and Cremations for Aborted or Miscarried Fetuses

Anti-abortion legislators in Ohio are pushing a bill to force burial or cremation for miscarried or aborted fetuses. Ostensibly, it’s all about providing a “respectful way” to dispose of fetal remains; but the move is part of a series of moves against Planned Parenthood by Ohio Republicans.

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Why Atheists Must Vote

In a ballroom in a Washington, D.C., hotel, more than 2,500 people sit anxiously. There is a palpable tension in the room while the attendees wait for the next speakers to be introduced. They sit politely, applauding the few red-meat lines in Arizona Senator John McCain’s speech, but they’re not here to hear from the 2008 GOP presidential nominee; McCain has never been particularly popular with this audience.

The two speakers following McCain — Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, of Florida and Texas, respectively, both running for president in 2016 — were much more in line with the priorities of the conference attendees in the room.

For an Atheist like me, listening to the speakers at the 2015 Values Voter Summit (VVS) — held in September by the Family Research Council, Liberty Institute, and a host of other far-right religious organizations — can only be described as surreal.

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Sarah Palin: I’d Only Vote for an Atheist President If the Other Candidate Supported ISIS

The good news: Even Sarah Palin says she’d vote for an atheist!

The bad news: She’d only do that if the other candidate was a Muslim terrorist…

So we’re not the worst people on the planet… according to someone who makes Donald Trump seem rational by comparison.

Palin made the comments during an interview yesterday with CNN’s Michael Smerconish:

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How to Lie About Climate Change Using Accurate Numbers

The National Review, a conservative publication, recently tweeted a graph showing that the average global temperature has barely risen over the past century, suggesting that global warming is a myth.

The numbers are correct but the insinuation is a perfect example of how people lie with statistics.

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The Top Ten Atheist News Stories of 2015

In a year full of news stories in which religion played a role, which ones most affected the atheist community in a unique way?

My list is below. Let the debate begin.

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