The Complicated Intersection Between Evangelical Christianity and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Would evangelical Christians say that black lives matter?

Of course they would.

Would evangelical Christians support the #BlackLivesMatter movement?

Now things get more complicated.


Because the movement is more closely tied to liberal politics, because it involves supporting LGBT black lives, because it’s critical of law enforcement, conservative evangelicals are having a tough time getting on board with an idea that supporters would say is simply about civil rights and fighting against institutional racism.

Mark Oppenheimer writes in today’s New York Times about the struggle facing these Christians and the reactions from both sides after a supporter of the movement spoke at a major Christian conference.

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Todd Starnes, Who Doubted Donald Trump’s Faith on Thursday, Says We Shouldn’t Doubt Trump’s Faith

If Donald Trump is as pious as he claims to be, he’s doing a horrible job of winning over the Republican Party’s Christian base.

He bungled a Bible verse, blamed a Christian leader for the error, said he doesn’t ask God for forgiveness for anything, swears in speeches, and called the communion wafer a cracker.

No wonder a lot of conservatives are calling Trump’s Christianity into question. But not Fox News’ Todd Starnes. Instead, Starnes is lashing out against conservatives who doubt Trump’s faith. Because if Trump says he’s religious, who are we to judge what’s in his heart?


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Kansas Senate Leader Bans Women from Wearing “Low-Cut Necklines and Mini-Skirts” at Hearings

Because there are no other problems in Kansas, State Senator Mitch Holmes has decided to tackle the real issue affecting people in the state.

He wants women who testify in front of the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee (which he chairs) to cover themselves up. He issued an 11-point code of conduct and Item 2 on that list focused on what people could wear. He wants “professional attire,” which might be fine, but he made sure to spell that out in detail for the ladyfolk:


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Tennessee School Board Votes Unanimously to Remove Christian Flag from Meeting Space

For some reason, the Unicoi County Schools Board of Education (in Tennessee) had a Christian flag hoisted during their meetings, and no one paid much attention until the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent them a letter about it.


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Darrell Trigg, the Sole Candidate for the Christian Party, Has Been Charged with Stalking His Ex-Wife

Darrell Trigg is the Presidential candidate for the Christian Party — a party that I’m pretty sure has a total membership of one — and his platform is a mish-mash of right-wing talking points.


He wants to eradicate separation of church and state, bring mandatory prayer back to public schools, stop any legal recognition of homosexuality, increase the drinking age to 25, and ban nudity and bad language on television.

And then you get to the part about how he would protect marriage:

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