Scott Walker’s “Pro-Life” Appointees Oppose the Most Effective Measure Against Unplanned Pregnancy

Wisconsin Governor and fallen presidential tribute Scott Walker has made no secret of his extreme anti-abortion views — being so fanatical that he can’t even bring himself to support abortion exceptions to save a woman’s life, because, you know, “pro-life.”


So it’s little wonder that he chooses extreme anti-choice people as political appointees. But if you think that stops at abortion, you would be very much mistaken. These “pro-life” champs are so opposed to women’s reproductive freedom that they also crusade against the one thing that is actually proven to reduce unplanned pregnancies (and abortion): contraceptive use.

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Man Sells “Ted Cruz Is The Zodiac Killer” Shirts to Fund Abortions in Texas

Ted Cruz may have a scientifically punchable face, but that’s not the only reason to hate the guy. After all, his platform is even more odious than Donald Trump‘s nonsense, and his drive to demolish the theoretical wall between church and state is unmatched. He’s the super villain Secular America decidedly does not deserve.

So when folks on the Internet started floating the idea that Ted Cruz was secretly the Zodiac Killer, it seemed, on face, plausible. Sure, the murders began before Cruz was even born, but with a hypothetical soul that black, anything is possible, right? Plus, the similarities between the available composite sketches of the Zodiac Killer and Cruz will at least make you blink a couple of times.


At first, the push was about quick laughs and the awesome possibility that we might one day hear Ted Cruz utter the words, “I am not the Zodiac Killer.”

And then came the genius known as Tim Faust.

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New Hampshire Lawmaker Says Pope Francis is the Anti-Christ

Pope Francis pissed off no small amount of people last week when he appeared to critique Donald Trump‘s wall proposal as being not particularly Christian. Conservative politicians across the board rebuked the religious leader, but some were more intense than others.


Take, for instance, New Hampshire State Rep. Susan DeLemus. A Republican and avid Trump supporter, DeLemus had shared snippets of scripture on Facebook. When someone else brought up the recent comments from the Pope, her now-deleted response was definitive:

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Marco Rubio’s Prostitution Comments Could Come Back to Haunt Him

Marco Rubio has fought hard to frame himself as a steward of conservative Christian values. He cares so much about the subject that his passion has overwhelmed his circuit board and caused him to glitch out. But a recent comment in Nevada may strike a blow to that image.


Rubio was asked if he would make prostitution a federal crime, and his answer may not sit well with the Religious Right.

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Political Turmoil: Brokered Conventions, Third Party Threats, and the Future of American Politics

As we head into tonight’s Republican caucus in Nevada, the race has dwindled to five candidates. Donald Trump continues to dominate the field with his chest-beating and bravado, leading in the state by 20 points. Ted Cruz, despite coming in third in both New Hampshire and South Carolina, continues to push forward with a traditional ground game based on traditional values. John Kasich is still positioning himself as the reasonable candidate, but with single-digit polling numbers, it looks like the electorate isn’t buying it. Dr. Ben Carson, with his painfully dull persona and woefully shallow policy perspectives, refuses to bow out. And Marco Rubio, the establishment heir apparent in the wake of Jeb Bush‘s departure, seems strapped in for the long haul.

But Trump still holds a commanding lead in national polls and is positioned not only to win Nevada, but the bulk of the Super Tuesday states. So why do the remaining candidates seem so resolute?


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