Kim Davis’ Lawyer Says a Host on The View Called For Davis To Be Killed

Mat Staver, the lawyer for Kim Davis who’s doing his best to prolong his time in the media spotlight, said on Liberty Counsel’s “Faith and Freedom” show today that Davis needs prayers because she’s received a lot of death threats.

Obviously, anyone who does that deserves total condemnation.

But Staver specifically pointed to a threat made on a popular TV show:

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Arizona City Council Adopts Christian-Only Invocation Policy

The Coolidge City Council in Arizona (below) passed a resolution this week saying it would have invocation prayers at all future meetings.

We’ve seen this play out many times now. Yes, invocations are legal, but they must be inclusive. Atheists, Satanists, Hindus, Mormons, and everyone else must be allowed to deliver those prayers.

The leaders in Coolidge don’t care about that “inclusivity” nonsense, though. While passing their resolution, they included an amendment that said only Christians could deliver the prayers:

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Pope Francis: If Churches Aren’t Taking in Refugees, We Should Tax Them

Once again, Pope Francis has said something that’s radical on the surface, and once again, the Catholic Church isn’t about to change in response to it.

Speaking with a Portuguese Catholic broadcaster, the Pope lamented refugees who have nowhere to go and who are being shut out of Church-owned spaces:

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After Multiple Requests, Atheist Finally Delivers Invocation Address in Sanford, Florida

Last night, David Williamson of the Central Florida Freethought Community delivered the first-ever secular invocation in Sanford, Florida:

But perhaps the bigger story is what happened to get to that point.

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Thanks to Kim Davis, More Americans Than Ever Before Support Equal Rights Over Religious Bigotry

Back in July, after the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality, one national poll found that, if they were in conflict, 56% of Americans wanted the government to protect religious liberties over gay rights. Only 39% wanted it the other way around. Not good. The same poll said 49% of Americans agreed local officials should be able to do what Kim Davis just did and deny marriage licenses to gay couples.

Oh, how the times have changed.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll out today finds that large majorities of Americans now back equal rights over religious privilege and say Kim Davis needs to do her damn job:

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