Why is Rick Santorum Still in the Presidential Race?

Rick Santorum, the anti-gay Catholic who, like so many other Republican candidates, invoked God at his Presidential campaign announcement, is still in the race despite literally polling at 0.0%.


The Onion has the scoop on why he hasn’t dropped out of the race yet.

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Russian Pastafarian Told He’ll Lose His License if Cops Catch Him Without a Strainer on His Head

If government officials want to stop Pastafarians from wearing colanders in their driver’s license pictures, the Moscow State Traffic Inspectorate is creating a model for others to follow.

The group’s deputy head, Vladimir Kuzin, told newly-licensed Pastafarian Andrei Filin (seen below with a yellow knitted strainer on his head) that if he ever gets pulled over by a cop, and he’s not wearing that strainer, his license will be revoked.


But there is a genuine problem with that sort of thinking.

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In Defense of Charlie Hebdo‘s Alan Kurdi Cartoon

After last year’s Charlie Hebdo massacre, there were far too many people (including some liberals) refusing to join in the “Je suis Charlie” chorus because they said the magazine published too many racist, sexist cartoons. In a way, the critics were suggesting that the cartoonists had, at least to some extent, brought the attacks upon themselves.

We’re seeing a bit of that this week with a cartoon drawn by the magazine’s Laurent Sourisseau (“Riss”). It features Alan Kurdi, the refugee child who was famously found dead, face-down in water last year as his family tried to escape Syria.

The caption for the cartoon basically asks what Kurdi would have become if he had grown up. The answer? One of the people who allegedly sexually assaulted women in Cologne, Germany:


Yep, that bottom line literally translates to “butt fondler.”

Offensive, right? A lot of people think so. And at first glance, I was put off, too.

But here’s what those critics don’t understand:

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GOP Lawmaker: Obama Can’t Cite Bible Since Conservatives “Own the Entire Tradition” of Christianity

Republicans can’t seem to figure out just how Christian President Obama should be.

When he doesn’t talk about his faith, they call him un-American or a secret Muslim. When he does, as he did when talking about the need for compassion for Syrian refugees coming into the country, he’s going too far.

Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) — better known as the guy who dethroned Eric Cantor in a Republican primary — told talk show host Sandy Rios that Obama had no right using Christian imagery because conservatives “own the entire tradition.”


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Bryan Fischer Accuses Gov. Nikki Haley of Embracing “the Entire Homosexual Agenda” After Speech

After South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley gave the Republican rebuttal to President Obama‘s State of the Union address this week, much of the media attention was on her indirect criticism of Donald Trump‘s hateful rhetoric. Most establishment Republicans loved that she called him out on it.

That’s not what Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer found objectionable about her speech.

Instead, he couldn’t stand a different line. It came when Haley was talking about what Republicans would do if they held the White House:

We would respect differences in modern families, but we would also insist on respect for religious liberty as a cornerstone of our democracy.

If you’re like me, you rolled your eyes at that line, because Republicans don’t respect a damn thing about gay couples. In the battle of civil rights versus bigotry, they opt for bigotry every time.

But Fischer was furious that Haley even bothered to give gay families lip service:


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