Political Religious Pandering: The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

When it comes to religious pandering in the U.S., Republicans are easy targets. They objectively advance legislation and rhetoric that conflate church and state in obvious (and wholly inappropriate) ways on a far more frequent basis than Democrats. But when all is said and done, Democrats can and do play the same game. So why do Democrats seem to get a free pass? The Devil, as they say, is in the details.


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Indiana GOP Seeks to Ban Abortion If Fetal Heartbeat Is Detected

The past several years have seen an avalanche of restrictive anti-choice legislation passed at the state level across the country. Several of those bills have been ruled unconstitutional, while others are awaiting adjudication by the Supreme Court. Not to be left out of the circus, Indiana is now entertaining its own extreme anti-choice bill.


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Radio Host Rick Wiles: Justice Scalia’s Death was a Pagan Sacrifice By President Obama

Following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, conspiracy theories began to circulate. It all started with a comment made by the ranch owner who found him: that Scalia had a pillow “over his head.” This detail, paired with the fact that a physician had declared him dead over the phone and the family didn’t want an autopsy, prompted speculation about foul play and the “obvious” role of the Obama administration in Scalia’s “untimely” death.

On Savage Nation, Donald Trump stoked the flames of skepticism by saying it was “unusual” that Scalia had been found with a “pillow over his face.” Conservative radio host Alex Jones, never one to miss out on a good conspiracy theory temper tantrum, proclaimed, “my gut tells me [the Obama administration] killed him.”

But perhaps the most absurd conspiracy theory came from everyone’s favorite religious loon Rick Wiles.

His theory? President Obama is a pagan Satan worshiping fascist who assassinated Scalia to send a message.


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Ted Cruz’s Dad Says America Will Be Destroyed Within 30 Years if Obama Gets His Supreme Court Pick

What happens when Pat Robertson and Ted Cruz‘s dad get together?

Sadly, they don’t cancel each other out.

Rafael Cruz said on The 700 Club yesterday that if President Obama‘s nominee to the Supreme Court gets through, America as we know it will be over within 30 years:


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New Idaho Bill Would Let Teachers Reference the Bible in Astronomy, Biology, and Geology Class

For some people, it’s not enough that bibles are already allowed in public schools and kids can read it for pleasure if they want to.

Idaho legislators have now introduced Senate Bill 1321, which would allow teachers to use the Bible in the classroom whenever they think it would enhance the lesson. That’s already allowed in, say, English class, where you might discuss biblical allusions in literature and where you might want to analyze the Bible’s more poetic passages… but the bill would permit teachers to use the Bible anywhere and everywhere:


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