Georgia Public School District: Students Must Have ‘Respect for the Creator’

The Columbia County School System in Georgia says right on its website that it “does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, handicap, religion, or national origin in any of its educational programs, services or activities, admission to facilities or employment practices.” But then someone needs to explain why the elementary, middle, and [Read More...]

FOX News Says Rick Perry’s Four-Month-Old Prayers Have Been Answered!

Remember back in April when Texas Governor Rick Perry told citizens to pray for rain? Nearly four months later, FOX News is declaring the prayers to have worked! (Seriously.) LiberalViewer calls FOX out on this and points out how the drought problem hasn’t actually gotten any better. This is something religious people do allllll the [Read More...]

When Atheists Invade the GOP Straw Poll…

I love this picture Reader John snapped this image of his friends Amber and Jason with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann‘s husband Marcus during the GOP Straw Poll in Iowa yesterday: ABC News’ Matt Jaffe noticed, too: When I was standing outside Bachmann‚Äôs tent, Marcus Bachmann was there shaking hands with supporters. One girl walked up wearing [Read More...]

This City Will No Longer Celebrate Church Anniversaries on Vehicle Stickers

As of a week ago, this was the vehicle sticker all cars needed to display in Blue Island, Illinois: As far as church/state separation goes, this is a low-priority case. But it might raise some eyebrows because a local government is using mandatory vehicle stickers to celebrate a church’s anniversary. The answer to this isn’t [Read More...]

Rick Perry Could Take Lessons from Arnold Vinick

I’ll file this in my List of Things the Current Republican Presidential Candidates Will Never Say: (Thanks to Seth for the link!) [Read more...]