Young Science Advocate Zack Kopplin Will be a Guest on Real Time with Bill Maher

Zack Kopplin, the 19-year-old leading the charge against the Republican War on Science in his home state of Louisiana, will be a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher tomorrow night:

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Arkansas State Representative Tells Pro-Choice Mother She’s a Murderer

In the span of just a couple of days, we have yet another Arkansas legislator who dismisses the legitimate concerns of his constituent with a flippant response.

On Monday, Rep. John Payton responded to a mother’s concern about her atheist daughter having to sit through a moment of silence (and the inevitable bullying of students who know she’s not praying) by tossing out a couple of Bible verses calling atheists fools.

But there’s more where he came from. Last week, a Pagan woman wrote to Rep. Nate Bell — a Republican, of course — urging him to reconsider the state’s strict new veto-overridden anti-abortion laws.

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Republicans in North Carolina File Legislation To Establish a State Religion

In North Carolina, Rep. Harry Warren and Rep. Carl Ford, both Republicans who represent Rowan County, filed a bill on April 1st that’s no joke.

In short: It says the state should be allowed to declare an official religion, Constitution be damned. (And I wonder what that religion would be…)

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Three Atheist Bloggers in Bangladesh Arrested on Blasphemy Charges

It’s been a rough few months for outspoken atheists in Bangladesh. Violence broke out after some bloggers were accused of criticizing Islam. They’ve been censored and threatened to no end. And one citizen has already been brutally attacked.

And now, earlier today, three atheist bloggers were arrested for the crime of saying things that hurt religious sensitivities:

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The ‘Stomp on Jesus’ Professor Finally Tells His Side of the Story

Last week, I wrote about a controversy concerning a student at Florida Atlantic University, his professor, and “Jesus” written on a piece of paper. I asked the question “Did a student really get suspended for refusing to ‘stomp on Jesus’?”

The answer, it seems, is probably not.

If you didn’t catch it, here’s a quick recap:

Junior Ryan Rotela, a Mormon, was in his Multi-Cultural Communications class taught by Dr. Deandre Poole. As a class activity, Dr. Poole asked all students to get out a piece of paper and write “JESUS” on it. He then asked them to put the paper on the ground and step on it. Rotela refused and, as a result, was suspended from Dr. Poole’s class… or, at least, that’s Rotela’s version of the story.

Last week, I postulated that it seemed unlikely that this is was how the story actually went down, but we only had Rotela’s account to work off of.

Normally, I really love being proven right, but this particular story has me pretty unhappy with the way it panned out.

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