Atheist Woman Performs Random Act of Kindness at Atlanta Islamic Center

When members of the Islamic Community Center of Atlanta left a ladies’ class earlier this week, they found a note waiting for them in a sandwich bag. Expecting the worst, they opened it to find a handwritten note from an atheist woman with a $20 bill attached:

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Salon Writer Misrepresents Sam Harris and New Atheism… Again

Another week, another hand-wringing screed at Salon about New Atheists.

The headline this time declares “Sam Harris can’t be redeemed: Ben Carson, Noam Chomsky and the defining hypocrisy of the New Atheist movement,” and Ben Norton‘s article details what he sees as the “anti-religious fundamentalist” views of New Atheists.

Norton focuses on comments by Sam Harris, but he mentions Richard Dawkins, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Bill Maher as well; and from this rather small sampling of New Atheists, he decides that New Atheists are essentially just a bunch of anti-religious fanatics.

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For Some Reason, a Mississippi Courthouse Has a Nativity Scene Inside the Building

This is what you’ll see when you walk inside the Harrison County Courthouse in Mississippi:

If you think that looks like a Nativity scene, well, I’m not patting you on the back because this is Mississippi and what the hell else would that be?

The problem, obviously, is that the courthouse is sending the message that Christianity is the only faith that matters, which is disturbing for anyone who’s not Christian hoping to get a fair hearing.

The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center has sent a letter to Harrison County officials asking them to take the display down, regardless of how many years this tradition has been going on:

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Atheists Booked Space in the Nebraska Capitol Early, Crowding Out a Nativity Until After Christmas

Atheists will have an assortment of displays in the Nebraska State Capitol building later this month, and because they reserved the space months in advance before anyone else got there, a Catholic group’s Nativity scene won’t go up until after Christmas. And they’re furious.

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Sean Hannity Defends Ban on Muslims Entering the U.S. Because It’ll Help Women and LGBT People

Sean Hannity devoted some time on his radio show Tuesday to discussing how having religious tests for (Muslim) immigrants might not be such a bad thing.

Sure, that sounds wildly discriminatory, but don’t worry… he’s just deeply worried about women and LGBT people.

You see, it seems Hannity is a newly minted feminist and champion of LGBT rights (he stated that he must “sound like the liberal here”), because he’s so very concerned about what might happen if we accept immigrants from countries where Sharia law is practiced.

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