An Atheist Just Delivered a Secular Invocation in Huntsville, Alabama

Just a little while ago, Kelly McCauley, an atheist and member of the North Alabama Freethought Association, delivered the first-ever secular invocation in front of the Huntsville City Council in Alabama. I’m still waiting for video, but a rough transcript of his speech is below: Dearly Beloved, When the ancients considered the values that were [Read More…]

Spain’s Anti-Abortion Government Bows to Pressure… Mostly

Spain’s ruling party, Popular Party (PP), ran on a conservative platform that included the abolition of nearly all abortion rights. But since the nation’s current law regarding abortion is in line with much of the rest of Europe, allowing unrestricted access to abortions through the first 14 weeks of pregnancy (and limited access after that), the government’s proposal to remove that right was met with substantial pushback.

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The Good News is That Fewer Americans Than Ever Before Want Daily Prayer in Public Schools…

… The bad news is that 61% of Americans still want daily prayer in public schools.

That’s according to a new poll from Gallup:

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Minnesota Muslims Demand No-Pork Freebies, Declare Halal Food a Human Right

A Somali-American pressure group is demanding pork-free products from local Minneapolis “food shelves” (akin to food banks for the poor).

Oddly enough, neither the word “Islam” nor “Muslim” shows up in this report from CBS News:

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Chicago’s New Archbishop Blase Cupich Is Indeed a Mini-Pope Francis… but That’s Not a Good Thing

Vatican-watchers have their eyes on America as Pope Francis just appointed his most recent archbishop. The pontiff has chosen the Bishop of Spokane, Blase Cupich (pronounced “SOO-pitch”), to replace the aging (and reportedly ill) Cardinal Francis George.

Pundits are calling Archbishop-designate Cupich (below) a “moderate voice,” even trumpeting the decision as a decisive blow against conservative Catholic political positions. TIME‘s online coverage of Cupich’s appointment lauds him as a cleric cut from the same cloth as the well-liked pontiff:

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