This is Why Dave Silverman Rocks

American Atheists‘ President Dave Silverman recently appeared (sans goatee) on Fox & Friends to discuss Texas Governor Rick Perry‘s upcoming Pray-a-thon. He handled himself beautifully: This clip should be mandatory viewing for classes on How to Handle the Media. It’s not just that Dave got off a lot of important points in a hurry, which [Read More...]

Obama Asked About Faith-Based Religious Discrimination

Earlier this morning, President Obama did a town hall meeting at the University of Maryland and when it came time for the Q&A session, guess who was first up? Amanda Knief, the Government Relations Manager for the Secular Coalition for America! How perfect is that?! She asked an important question, too. The segment starts at [Read More...]

Ireland’s Reaction to the Cloyne Report

A week ago, in Ireland, the Cloyne report (PDF) was published. The report discussed how the Catholic Church responded to abuse allegations in recent years — recent! — and it turns out (surprise!) they haven’t changed one bit. Among the findings: [The church authorities] failed to: Report cases of abuse to the civil authorities as [Read More...]

New Orleans Pastor Used Large Chunk of $250,000 Katrina Relief Money to Help Himself

I’ll set you up: A church near New Orleans was given $250,000 to help build “low-income housing for recovering addicts.” Take a wiiiiiild guess how this story ends. Yep! You’re right. Not all the money was used for the intended purpose! In fact, most of it went right back into the church itself. And into [Read More...]

Karnataka Official: Indian Children Must Read Bhagavad Gita in the Classroom

Looks like forced religion in public schools is a problem in India, too: Karnataka education minister Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri has said that it the duty of every Indian to respect sacred Hindu text, Bhagavad Gita, else they should leave the country. “The Bhagavad Gita is like the Sun. I think that it is the duty [Read More...]